Outdoor integration solutions - intelligent site

by:KEBO      2020-04-18
Product introduction: P3K15 is integrated intelligent outdoor site, front and rear double open the door, is suitable for the equipment shelter within 800 mm in depth, for the site network, security, server and storage facilities to provide integrated asylum, reliable for standby power and temperature control, ensure site system reliable operation of the key production equipment. Product features: hardware security: using three locks, external no bare detachable parts, security and prevent damage; The support site security: intelligent entrance guard, IC card, network remote, key lock, support to allocate, support site unlock logging, support the alarm, door open real-time monitoring of electronic door lock switch state, support the alarm linkage capture; High reliable power supply, UPS power support N + 1 backup, can change online, online rate should reach 99 site equipment. 99% intelligent management, remote network management, reduce maintenance costs; Deployment is simple: modular parts installation, integration of a tank, cover an area of an area small, can realize quick site smooth evolution: support for smooth overlay solar input, oil machine, the support power and distribution of smooth expansion; Application scope: ETC door frame system, 5 g communication base station of grain, outdoor scene, water conservancy hydrological monitoring, civil air defense system. Product specifications: cabinet size outside the cabinet size ( H*W*D) :2100报; 900× Inside the cabinet size (900 mm H*W*D) :1800报; 800× 800 - mm base cabinet size ( H*W*D) :200报; 900× 900 mm total space inside the cabinet: 40 u, internal depth of 800 mm noise levels: meet GR487, noise & le; 65分贝@ 1。 5 m, 45 ℃ other sizes can be according to the requirements of custom cabinets, door of cupboard of cabinet put oneself in another's position + + base + lid + housing + ark cabinet lock type: 1 unit 1 tank, before and after the door cabinet material: 45 mm thick steel plate + EPS sandwich board insulation performance: the coefficient of thermal conductivity & lt; 0. 472W/( m2. k) Equipment layer frame: 19 inch bracket, article 3 for; Into the line way: down into the & Phi; 50 * 8 anti-theft design: embedded, embedded hinge, door 3 point anti-theft lock protection grade: IP55 color: RAL7035, professional outdoor powder spraying lighting: LED lights, lights emergency ventilation door open: contains two auxiliary direct wind fan
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