Outdoor cabinet earthing and anti-theft protection -

by:KEBO      2020-05-06
Outdoor cabinet is mainly used in a variety of complex outdoor environment, cabinet should meet GB4942 resistance voltage requirements. 2 - Low voltage electrical standard protection grade. Today under outdoor cabinet manufacturer to take you to understand outdoor cabinet earthing and security protection. Ground fault protection: 1. Cabinet should be set grounding, grounding line should use copper material, its cross-sectional area not less than 50 mm, and set aside at least eight appropriate to the size of the connecting screw holes and equipped with corresponding copper screw. 2. Metal part of the cabinet should be interconnected and grounding line, between any two points of connection resistance should be less than 0. 1Ω 。 3. Cabinet in other devices connected to the earthing protection row, line grounding resistance less than 4 & Omega; 。 4. Incase all grounding connection of outer sheath should be adopted for the yellow and green cable, wire cross-sectional area should not be less than 16 mm copper core. 5. Grounding connection points should have a clear identity. Guard against theft protection: 1. Enclosure door cabinet shall be installed anti-theft lock, fixed bolt cabinet must be open to install and remove the cabinet door. 2. The locks, cabinet shell use damage resistance should be consistent with the GA/T - 73 In the 1994 class B requirements.
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