One of the most popular is how to construct modular room -

by:KEBO      2020-04-23
Modular machine room in recent years because of its can provide cost-effective, high availability, construction mode, thus known by many manufacturers. Along with the development of the computer system, the requirements of the construction of computer room is also more and more, modular machine room construction model has more advantages than traditional construction mode, to meet customer needs of the business at the same time create more value, become the new standard for future data center construction mode and direction. 1, according to the current IT needs to carry on the design, and modular machine room, only less than a typical traditional system equipment number of small-scale infrastructure, further shortened the time needed for each stage of deployment. 2, convenient installment and extend construction using micro module architecture, data center can increase gradually, thus can make from a micro module to dozens of micro module according to the requirements in installment construction. Large data centers of any size IT space configuration can achieve the best state. 3, intelligent management and efficient operation of intelligent management system can help customers saving energy and reducing consumption, to implement a multi-level data room, fine management, energy consumption through a variety of statements accurately locate additional energy loss. Based on large data analysis, the output energy saving optimization, build green data room. Best asset management is for the entire network assets life cycle management of asset information closed loop management, ensure that the data refresh in time, timely management. Help users asset maintenance plan at the same time, helping our clients achieve active warning within the maintenance plan, maintenance plan can be adjusted dynamically at the same time, output optimization scheme according to the current actual situation, to build the best asset management functions. 4, stable and reliable standard module, micro module data center adopts modular, standardization, and high integration design, make the whole system has high stability. 5, green, energy-saving data center during the service life of the electricity cost is one of the biggest in the TCO. According to the existing IT infrastructure requirements planning, and according to IT demand to add a new micro module, this way, users only need to provide equipment for micro module. During the service life of the data center, thus saving the cost of electricity is very considerable.
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