On several considerations - UPS power supply

by:KEBO      2020-04-18
1. UPS power supply should be well ventilated, good for heat dissipation using clean and tidy environment. 2. In the process of operation should strictly abide by the corresponding power operation procedures. Daily use, should strictly manage all UPS load to the power socket; Best with the mains socket to distinguish color or other effective means. Don't use the UPS socket should be power or closed. It is strictly prohibited in UPS socket has nothing to do with the computer electrical equipment, especially the large power electric tools, etc. ; Otherwise it would be likely to cause UPS bypass, caused severe UPS instantaneous loss of electricity. If try to avoid UPS output short circuit, short circuit, light person can cause a UPS output, load power electricity; Serious cause UPS load failure. 3. UPS in order to eliminate common-mode interference, zero, wire to ground is added between the filter capacitor, has current to ground zero, fire, may cause a zero, the electric current on the wire, so take the leakage breaker tripping. So UPS before the level and the load circuit cannot be installed leakage protection circuit breaker, lest cause UPS and load power lost accidentally. Users with the main purpose of the UPS is in order to the safe operation of the important equipment such as computers, rather than to ensure the security of personnel, so should not be charged in the circuit part such as plug socket, circuit breaker plug, open and close frequently. 4. For UPS with input and output circuit breaker, the first rated voltage circuit breaker nominal are required to conform to the rated input and output voltage of UPS, such as the single into the UPS optional unipolar ( N + 1, or the poles) Rated voltage is AC220V or 250 v circuit breaker, SanJin three UPS optional three pole ( N + 3, or 4) Rated voltage of AC380V or 415 v circuit breaker. Pay attention to the circuit breaker rated breaking capacity of the ICU to accord with the requirement of UPS manufacturer, generally small UPS for 10 ka or 6 ka, large and medium-sized UPS require in more than 30 ka. 5. UPS power 20 - is the ideal temperature and humidity environment 25, charge and discharge not too frequent is enough for two or three times a month. UPS power load through the depth of the light may cause the battery discharge, can reduce the service life of the battery, should avoid as far as possible. Temperature rise, can cause cell internal chemical activity enhanced, resulting in a large amount of heat energy, will in turn lead to ambient temperature, this kind of vicious circle, will accelerate to shorten the battery life. UPS power of float charging voltage and discharge voltage, when the factory have been debugging to the rating, and the size of the discharge current is increased with the increase of load, in use should be reasonable to adjust load, control the use of the computer and other electronic equipment such as the Numbers. In general, load should not be more than 60% of the rated load UPS. In this range, the discharge current of the battery will not appear excessive discharge. 6. Battery if long floating charge can make plate ageing, interval should be three to four months for a load to activate the battery discharge experiment. Safer testing method: operating UPS battery self test function, this test will not UPS power outages due to battery failure. Such as the battery discharge caused by grid blackout for a long time to the lower voltage, the machine will automatically protect the battery, stop the battery discharge, the interruption of the load power supply. Grid after recovery, the machine will automatically restart to recharge the battery. But should be avoided due to its battery runs out of UPS power is turned off, close all UPS before the battery runs out the best load, then close UPS, after waiting for mains calls to open it.
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