Note - UPS power discharge operation

by:KEBO      2020-04-20
1, to discharge the UPS, without all the battery capacity, light only put to two-thirds of the rated capacity. Discharge can have the effect of activated cells, but also extend the length of ups battery. 2, need to know about how to backup before discharge, can be prepared when discharge, avoid the discharge to the backup time, under the unprepared for the load caused by the downtime and equipment damage. 3, if it is in the high power, usually and bypass the input rectifier switch need to independently design, available OFF the switch rectifier, in case the battery is discharging, UPS can immediately transferred to bypass mode of operation. 4, machine room monitoring system by the front-end equipment, client/server APP, PC screen three parts. Users can through the client APP/PC on real-time check UPS equipment running status and related parameters, but also in the mobile terminal screen end direct care, synchronous receives the alarm when abnormal information. 5, when people to discharge, real-time check UPS battery voltage drop, easy to restore the mains input at any time. 6, if can see UPS battery, need to check the battery without obvious deformation and leakage. 7, if their is a function of time is set with automatic discharge, can make the UPS uninterruptible power supply to discharge, so to judge the ability of battery for discharge.
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