Note - the battery installed

by:KEBO      2020-04-28
( 1) Heater, air conditioning and ventilation, the domain of liver shut power heating parts should not be direct to the UPS battery, should try to make each part of the battery temperature difference is less than 3 ℃. ( 2) UPS battery discharge gap between each battery is not less than 20 mm; Battery installation should be upstairs to the civil engineering department request load. Seismic intensity of 7 magnitude areas, should be used shockproof design support and anchor bolts fixed, tied to spread the stress. ( 3) Gel battery is charged to factory with gel electrolytes, and has set up a charge in the process of installation should be careful handling, avoid any form of impact loading. ( 4) When installation should be close to the load, selection of cable, copper platoon, connecting to a comfortable & lsquo; To ensure the safety operation of the cable line, avoid adding line drop; Multichannel parallel when using, should try to make the line pressure drop is roughly same, and each group of cells with fuse. ( 5) Voltage is higher, the risk of electric shock, in loading and unloading of conductive cable ( Copper platoon, cables) , you should use insulated tools, wear protective gloves. ( 6) Smudgy contact or connection unstable may cause battery terminal parts temperature lighter, and may cause fire, when installation should keep connecting cable ( Copper platoon, cables) And battery output end face clean, firm connection. ( 7) In the connections should be in strict accordance with the requirements, it is strictly prohibited to a, a few, or whole group batteries in the case of no load short circuit. ( 8) Such as load cable has been in place in advance, when installation should pay attention to the position of the output of the UPS battery output and the positive and negative direction.
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