Note - of lead-acid batteries

by:KEBO      2020-04-16
1, strictly abide by the operation procedures. 2, in the process of charging and timely to check the record of each single cell battery voltage of the electrolyte density and. In the early and mid - charging, once every 2 hours inspection records; Close to the charging end stage, once every 1 hour to check record. If discover individual single cell battery terminal voltage and electrolyte density rise than any other single cells is slow, even when the change is not obvious, should stop charging, timely find out the reason, eliminate malfunction, or separate small current charging, make it back to normal after, together with the other UPS battery charging again. 3, the entire charging process, it is necessary to measuring temperature of each single cell battery at any time, in order to avoid high temperature influence the battery performance. When the temperature rises to 45 ℃ should suspend charging, stay when the temperature dropped below 35 ℃ to continue charging, air cooling or water cooling method can be used to cool. 4, at the beginning of charging should be continuous, may not be for a long period of time. 5, preparation and filling the electrolyte must operate in accordance with the procedures and the use of vessels. 6, indoor charging, unscrew the charging hole cover, hydrogen and oxygen can successfully escape, so as to avoid an accident. 7, charging room to install ventilation equipment, in the process of charging, ventilation equipment should be kept working, to discharge harmful gases, prevent the occurrence of explosion, and try to avoid the harm to human body. 8, charging chamber to strictly forbid fireworks. 9, charging device and the rechargeable battery should not be placed in the same room. Charge should be in accordance with the provisions, will be the rechargeable battery connection is good, and then closed the power switch. To stop charging should be cut off the power switch, and then remove the rechargeable battery. Wire connection must be reliable, keep a spark. 10, charging room often should have running water, soda water or 10% and 10% of ammonia solution.
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