Note - equipment room dedicated precision air conditioning installation

by:KEBO      2020-04-29
Three design, 7 minutes of installation, the installation of air conditioning unit is one of the most important role in air conditioning engineering. Only after a good installation, air conditioning unit can play a good cooling effect, low failure rate and long service life. 1, equipment, unpacking, inspection ( 1) Demolition of packing; ( 2) Demolition of wooden packaging: low foot is using 4 M8 bolts fixed on the gallows, can choose appropriate sized wrench according to remove the bolt counterclockwise. 2, check goods received KEBO complete inventory check parts according to packing list, check whether all the parts have obvious damage. If there are any parts in the inspection found missing or damaged, shall be immediately reported to the carrier. In found a hidden damage, also please to carriers, and the supplier's local office report. Installation considerations in order to reach the design of equipment performance and the maximum extend its service life, vital when installed correctly. Should be combined with the existing mechanical and electrical installation guild regulations together with the application. Small and medium-sized equipment room dedicated precision air conditioning is the ground installation, indoor machine must be placed in the ground of the equipment room or computer room installation, the installation of outdoor placed outside or in other room on the ground. In order to guarantee the cooling performance of the unit, please send separate-bodied air-conditioners installed on the occasion of outdoor air flow is smooth, avoid any dust, snow and places that can block the condenser, at the same time ensure that the unit around without steam, waste heat, etc. When installed on the roof, should pay attention to protect the waterproof layer and comply with local regulations. Confirm the installation environment meets the requirements before install equipment, and confirm whether or not to buildings is modified to match the plumbing, wiring and ventilation piping construction work. Installation must strictly follow the design drawing, and reserve maintenance space. Can provide reference for manufacturers of project size chart. Install indoor machine 1, machine room requirements, as follows: ( 1) In order to ensure the environmental control system of space in the room to work properly, should do moistureproof, heat preservation; ( 2) Room should have good thermal insulation and airtight moistureproof layer; Ceiling and walls of moistureproof layer must use polyethylene film materials; The concrete wall and ground coating must be moistureproof; ( 3) Outdoor air enter may increase the system of heating, cooling and humidification, dehumidification, so to minimize the outdoor air into the room. ( Outdoor air intake to maintain throughout the interior circulation in the air is less than 5%, all the doors and Windows should be fully enclosed, gap should be as small as possible. ) 2, installation space ( 1) In order to ensure the normal operation of indoor machine, should choose as far as possible the spacious space as the indoor machine installation site; ( 2) Avoid indoor machine installed in a narrow place, otherwise it will hinder the air flow, to shorten the refrigeration cycle and cause a short-circuit and return air noise; ( 3) To avoid the indoor machine in a sunken place or at the end of the long, narrow room; ( 4) To avoid the multiple units together tightly, cross flow, create a load imbalance of competition; ( 5) Don't put other equipment installed in the indoor machine, to facilitate the normal maintenance of indoor machine.
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