Note - computer room air conditioning maintenance

by:KEBO      2020-05-10
1. Electrical environment demands of electrical environment mainly refers to the anti-static requirements and electromagnetic interference, etc. Use extensive semiconductor MOS circuit inside the engine room equipment, such as CMOS devices. Because this kind of device is sensitive to electrostatic range of 25 ~ 1000 v, and the static electricity generated by the electrostatic voltage is often as high as several kilovolts even tens of thousands of volts, enough to breakdown of various types of semiconductor devices, so the room should be laid anti-static raised floor, the floor bracket to ground, wall also should do anti-static processing, machine room cannot be laid in chemical fiber carpets. Staff into the room to wear antistatic clothing and anti-static shoes, avoid wearing clothing chemical fiber into the room. Cupboard door should be closed, usually move equipment and personnel in the telecom room take the spare parts when the movement wants light, and as far as possible to lower the number of walks back and forth in the room, so as to avoid the object movement between static friction. For the long run but not often clean equipment, special equipment to do a clean, it is very necessary. In the long-term maintenance work, sometimes encounter the alarm circuit board, if the circuit board to plug, to clean the dust around the pin out circuit boards, circuit board will return to normal. Electromagnetic interference of communication equipment hardware and software are likely to cause damage, so the room internal and surrounding environment as far as possible not to install a high-power electrical equipment, lest produce electromagnetic radiation, affect the operation of the machine room. The voltage stability, control the ac voltage 215 v - 225V。 2. The temperature of the temperature and humidity requirements for computer room room equipment has certain requirements. Temperature is high, easy to make poor cooling machine, make the work parameters of the transistor produces drift, influence the stability and reliability of the circuit, serious when still can cause damage of components of breakdown. Room equipment during the work in the long run, the machine temperature control between 18 ℃ to 25 ℃ is more appropriate. The influence of humidity on communication equipment. Metal components of the air is humid, easy cause equipment corrosion and inserting a tube parts, and the cause of circuit board, plug and wiring insulation is reduced, serious when still can cause short circuit. Air is too dry and easy to cause electrostatic effect, threatening the safety of equipment. In order to keep the room relative humidity up to the standard, the visual details to dispose humidifier or wet machine. Humidifier not being too close to communications equipment at work, and spray mouth don't facing communication equipment, to prevent ejective mist have influence on equipment. Humidifier and wet machine can be adjusted at any time of the thermometer display data according to the telecom room. Generally speaking, the relative humidity inside the room to keep within 40% ~ 60% more appropriate. 3. Dust for electronics, metal, connectors and other parts if you have any dust can cause insulation to reduce product and poor contact, serious when still can cause short circuit. There are a large number of suspended substances in the air, in the suspended material, formation of communication equipment of the pollutants harm. Pollutants once entered the room, can adsorption on the circuit board, form the people to the naked eye can be found and can not find the charged dust. With the passage of time, the circuit board on adsorption of dust is becoming more and more dust will be in different ways in different degrees affect the normal operation of the equipment. Pollutants cause harm to communication equipment accident phenomenon mainly include: component design function values change; Signal transmission frequency change; Input and output values are not stable; System is unstable; System alarms, reboot sometimes can resume sometimes can't restore; Circuit board fault occurs, after the test, can't repair, only for changing plate. To solve the problem of dust, mainly should maintain absolute clean room, computer room don't often open the door and window, and clean the dust on the surface of the computer hardware on a regular basis. 4. Security room should have strict security measures, irrelevant personnel can't literally in and out of room, try not to take something easy to drop/items, such as: umbrellas, raincoats, no cover glass and so on into the room, will not have water, including water glass on top of cabinet and electrical box above. And don't take some extra electrical equipment into use within the room, especially the use of UPS power supply. 5. Fire protection requirements room should use fire prevention structure and materials, fire ability to conform to the requirements of the fire control standard, equipment room should be equipped with inert gas extinguishing fire.
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