Network rack installation method and finishing -

by:KEBO      2020-04-30
Rack installation method: with the cabinet size, check the appearance of equipment, to ensure and choice of stent is tie-in. A sturdy rack can be up to 450 LBS, so check to take out the tools, equipment, for example, the door or trolley. Good cabinets below wheels, so you just need to put the equipment installed inside, push the rack to the right place again can. Measure the size of the room and cabinet after the ceiling, and the height of the elevator door. Again, considering the multiple devices in a cabinet, to ensure that the cabinet on the distance from the power supply, cable port, communication interface. Check the opening and closing the Angle of the cabinet, cupboard door open. Standard cabinet door on the right side open, door hinges on the left, of course not rule out the opposite. All the doors and side panels should be very easy to open, in order to facilitate maintenance. When you want to install the equipment cabinet into an already existing cabinet group, you can put the cabinet next to align, so safe and tidy. Some cabinet group due to various reasons, cannot be increased, or can only be increased several attachments. Best cabinet group model should have good scalability, with all the necessary hardware, can take off the cabinet side panel, the cabinet are connected with screw, in a row. Cabinet finishing: 1. Preparation will first notify users in does not affect the normal work of finishing cabinets. Then according to the topology of the network, the existing equipment situation, the number of users, user groups, and other factors outlined cabinet inside the circuit diagram and equipment location map. Then prepare needed materials: network jump line, label paper, various types of plastic cable tie ( Choke dog) 。 2. Finishing rack installation cabinet: need yourself to do the following three things: first, using random box with screw and nut tightening up the fixed frame; Second, the cabinet down, can the activity of the wheel with; Third, according to the location of the device in a fixed shelf adjustment and add baffle. Finishing line: the cable group, group number is usually less than or equal to the number of cabinet behind the principle line frame. All the equipment of the power cord tied together, insert the plug from the back of the line hole, through a single wire frame to find their own equipment. Fixed equipment: adjust the cabinet of the baffle to the appropriate location, enables the administrator to not boot cupboard door can see the running situation of all equipment, at the same time, according to the number and size of equipment properly add baffle. Be careful to set aside a certain gap between the baffle. Will exchange equipment, routing devices used on the machine cabinets all according to the drawing good figure placed in advance. After cable labeling: all wiring, need logo on the cable, the post-it note prepared winding to the cable, and pen to mark on it ( Generally indicate the room number or for what purposes) To identify to easy to understand. The crossover cable can use different colors of post-it note and general distinction between cables. If the device too much, classifying equipment number, and the labeling equipment. 3. Late work umc test: when, when confirmed, turning on the power supply network unicom test, in order to ensure the normal work of users & ndash; — This is the most important.
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