Multimeter is how to judge the stand or fall of ups battery -

by:KEBO      2020-05-03
Multimeter is how to judge the stand or fall of ups battery three ways to basic judge of battery: 1, the discharge simulation method. According to the capacity of the battery, such as 60 ah, in accordance with the safety discharge standard, 0. Current capacity, 1 c, namely one over ten 6 amp discharge. Do a high-power resistance, resistance to 12 ( (五) ÷ 6 ( 一) = 2 ( Ω ) 。 Multimeter is above 1000 watts of measuring the electric stove wire on 20 ohm, reoccupy feet one over ten, mark, reliable connection on the sign outside two end two battery cables. Multimeter under dc voltage and pens and pick up on both ends of the resistance. The root battery cables connect red pens and temporary contact on the battery is end, the other negative side, the contact connection to 10 seconds. If the voltage is kept at 10. More than 8 volts, battery is basically good. 2, charging online measuring method. UPS online for the battery, measuring each battery, high voltage has a problem, unloaded the key measurements. 3, online discharge measurement method. UPS online load on the belt, to cut off the external ac power, battery power supply. There is a problem of electricity down. Unloaded the key measurements. Online measurement principle is based on a bad battery internal resistance increases, charging or discharging process of judging abnormal voltage on both ends.
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