Module - UPS installation requirements

by:KEBO      2020-04-21
The matters needing attention before installation and maintenance operations can only by authorized technicians or service technical support. If users interested in module UPS equipment installed on its own, it must be the authorized technicians or service under the supervision of the implementation of technical support personnel. Based on the different installation environment safety, please carefully consider when installation and wiring all aspects will cause problems. If you are planning to use forklift or other tools to handle the UPS equipment, please make sure to use the forklift or tool to load the weight of the UPS equipment. Installation environment demand note: module UPS equipment can only be used in indoor environment, not installed or moved to outdoor use. Confirm transport routes ( For example, corridor, doors, elevators, etc. ) UPS equipment, and installation site to load an external battery cabinet and the weight of the handling tools. Confirm the installation place with reserve enough space for maintenance and ventilation. The temperature of the installation site should be kept in 30 & deg; C or so, and humidity should be within 90%. Installation site can be mounted to the highest elevation is 2000 meters. UPS equipment is designed in indoor use, and the place of installation should have appropriate ventilation and air clean environment, in order to keep indoor temperature within the prescribed scope of operation. Module UPS equipment is the use of fans of forced cooling design, cold air from the vent into the UPS cabinet inside. When necessary, with indoor use suction fan, in order to avoid the indoor heating. If planning using UPS equipment places full of dust, equipped with air filter can be purchased. Note: the module of UPS equipment can only be installed in a cement or other flammable material plane. Module UPS equipment is the use of fans of forced cooling design, low temperature air by the cabinet at the front of the vent into the UPS cabinet inside, and hot air is being exhausted from the back of the ventilation grid. Never can block the airway. Do not make any unauthorized personnel into the installation place. Appoint a specific personnel keep the key of UPS equipment. Based on security considerations, it is recommended that you should be: 1, set around the installation site foam or dry powder fire extinguishing equipment. 2, the UPS equipment installed in the walls, floor and ceiling are using fire protection building materials. It is recommended that you install external battery cabinet, battery cabinet installation should be parallel to the UPS equipment. And, it is recommended that the reserved space as follows: 1, UPS equipment at the top of the reserved 100 cm, in order to repair, connection and ventilation. 2, UPS equipment and external battery cabinet reserved 100 cm on the back, so that the ventilation. 3, in front of the UPS equipment with the reserved 150 cm between external battery cabinet, in order to repair and ventilation.
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