Modularity requirements - UPS

by:KEBO      2020-05-06
( 1) Completely modular UPS. Each UPS modules are intelligent individuals, any one module problems will not affect the normal work of the other modules, can exit system, does not affect the whole system work. ( 2) UPS system is necessary to eliminate system solution of public problems, make the system run no bottlenecks. For example in the module in parallel can be advanced on the problem of the circulation of dysfunctional control technology, make the UPS system is not restricted by the reliability of the centralized control, to avoid the outbreak of the bottleneck problem. ( 3) When more than one module in parallel, during which the most important indicator is the current split, that is to say if N UPS modules in parallel, it is necessary to ensure that each module of the output current is 1 / N of the total output current, at least the maximum unbalance degree between necessary within the required size ( General requirements for less than 5%) 。 ( 4) To share all UPS modules in the system ( Including the charging and discharging) The battery pack. Using a set of batteries or parallel battery more spare time to add the system. ( 5) Saving energy and reducing consumption is the biggest problem, now the data center in the data center to provide power supply to ensure the UPS system in addition to availability, it is necessary to be of high efficiency, no pollution, low energy consumption.
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