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by:KEBO      2020-05-08
Modular UPS in the installation, use and maintenance, to be able to use a shorter power cable connection. By reducing the key equipment and load between the fault point, modular UPS can improve the usability of the whole system. From the design and work principle of ways, modular UPS including rectifier, inverter, some also includes static bypass switch and subsidiary of control circuit, CPU main controlling board, etc. The biggest advantages of modular can improve system reliability and availability of any one module failure will not affect the normal work of the other modules, and can be shortened through the hotplug system installation and repair time. In addition, modular UPS can bring better scalability to the user, this also for the user's investment has played a very good protection effect. Racks of modular UPS can be configured according to the current business demand, and can add more modules in the future. This kind of system optimization ability significantly reduces the total cost of ownership. Reconfigure power in modular design to meet changing business needs, provide great flexibility. In the installation, upgrade, reconfigure or mobile modular system, independent components, standard interface and simple operation, which saves time and cost saving.
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