Modular UPS power capacity of sex and maintainability

by:KEBO      2020-05-07
Considering the uninterrupted power supply availability, at the same time, the use of modular UPS power supply requirements must be considered. A typical data center can be a closed, high security infrastructure, at least by the machinery, electric power, environment, fire control, security and so on more than 10 major system composition, between them is relatively independent and mutually connects, artificial intervention is a crucial equipment must pass to plan ahead, under control, time limit and require high security. Load system always is in constant change, Such as equipment is moved or increasing the compatibilizing, power supply system, etc. ) , you must ensure that these changes will not endanger the continuity of the whole process of power supply and availability; At the same time for different live parts ( Including the cable and the connection and power supply paths between source and load, etc. ) Maintenance, must be flexible and safe. Since most failures have occurred in the offline power supply, UPS so must adopt this kind of special structure, to be able to eliminate failures spread to various power supply line of any risk, otherwise it may endanger the safety of the whole system; Physically failure limit within the scope of the power supply system of a minimum, so that you can easily isolate fault and allows accurate and fast services ( Reduce MTTR) And more easily to other load to provide a redundant power supply route.
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