Modular UPS in intelligent data center solutions - micro module

by:KEBO      2020-05-07
And efficient integrated cabinet, power supply and distribution, refrigeration, monitoring and integrated wiring system of the overall solution; Modularized UPS, makes the power supply and distribution system in a reasonable range, load rate to improve the power efficiency; Using row-level refrigeration unit and in combination with closed cold/hot channel, improve the efficiency of refrigeration; Intelligent micro module cover an area of an area small, improve the utilization unit building area. Second, the energy saving modular UPS power for rapid installation, shorten the construction period, reduce construction cost, improve efficiency; Room airtight seal, improving the overall cooling efficiency, lower overall cost; Micro module product PUE can reach 1. 5 the following, over 40% of energy compared with the traditional computer room; Use while expansion, according to the late development situation to escalate expansion, saving the cost. Three, flexible modular design, supporting the construction of on-demand, step-by-step implementation, shorten the construction period; To the engineering design makes the data center construction equipment, rapidness and personalization possible; According to room size and the power consumption of the ark, and can choose single row and double row, flexible expansion and meet requirements; Adaptation enterprise web and internal business, and the IT cabinets within flexible servers, storage, network equipment installation. Four, safety modular UPS power supply and distribution system USES 2 n, redundancy design, satisfy the design requirements, improve the security level; Airtight activity is applied in the cooled channels at the top of the roof, and fire control linkage, does not affect the gas fire extinguishing system; With the integration of products, each system coordination, avoid compatibility problems; High voltage and low voltage separation design, reduce the electromagnetic interference. Five, the intelligent use of embedded network monitoring equipment, easily implement remote monitoring, management of function modules; Can be realized through a variety of sensors, collector, on each function module in the engine room of continuous real-time monitoring; Dynamic environment intelligent monitoring system can adapt to computer room management multi-channel management requirements, an alarm information in real time; Provide PPT report output, to provide real operational data to computer room management, reduce the workload; True 3 d interface, accurate positioning devices and sensors, realize rapid response ability. Micro module data center is an integrated, standard and optimal, intelligent, highly adaptive infrastructure environment and high availability computing environment. Micro module room with modular, standardized architecture and high efficient and reliable modular UPS, precision air conditioning, and other flexible combination of success to build a new generation of modular data center infrastructure, with its rapid development, efficient, intelligent management, saving become the focus of the construction of the future enterprise data center.
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