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by:KEBO      2020-05-07
The efficiency of data center is a is often the topic of discussion. Some specific indicators for staff, the data center is not only a lack of reliable information, changing the data, there are many different items daily, and some have become accepted the terms of the standard and measures, has been a lot of people think is no good. The power of the power consumed power data center is mainly in two aspects: run IT equipment required power, and power required by the operation of air-conditioning equipment. Do these apparently data center, involved in electric power cost account for 60% of the data center operational costs. This means that the data center energy efficiency level is double impact, whether good or bad. In order to perform the basic operations of a data center, it is necessary to power consumption, and it occupies the spending a large percentage of the data center. Obviously, improve the efficiency of data center should be located in the data center operators to-do list. The role of UPS power supply in addition to these indicators, it is recommended that the need to update the outdated UPS power supply system. Obviously, the efficiency of the UPS system advantage should be get more recognition. UPS system has made great progress in recent years, and the rise of modular UPS is of great significance for improving the efficiency of data centers. In the past few years, the design approach of UPS is suitable for higher load. In other words, when they are 80% Under the load of 90% runtime, the highest efficiency. In addition, because they are usually fixed capacity, in order to achieve the necessary redundancy, its capacity will be too big, this is because must ensure that can match power peak, which means they often waste a lot of energy and at a relatively low load operation, in fact, this is more common. These traditional old UPS system is not only because the operation mode and need more power, but also because of their capacity and work load, also need a lot of cool. Which makes them ineffective, and added a lot of electricity demand, which in turn increases the operation cost of data center. Modular UPS how to improve the efficiency of data center of modular UPS now has become a lot of data center the DE facto standard, its launch it timely. UPS modular technology development is roughly consistent with many data center procurement cycles. And 7 - Ten years ago, in the rapid development of the data center industry boom, at the time of many traditional independent tower UPS has been installed. Now a lot of these UPS need to upgrade, which means that the data center operators are ready to take advantage of modular UPS provided by the. These products has many UPS can improve the efficiency of function: modular system itself means that multiple rack mounted devices can work in parallel, rather than an independent tower equipment, can meet the needs of the power source of the data center. Modular UPS don't need to configure the transformer, can improve the efficiency of about 5%. The key point lies in modular UPS effectively to adapt to the load. In a low of 25% in load cases, they can be up to 96% efficiency. This means that they usually run under load is more efficient in the center of the data it is impossible for the traditional UPS. Obviously, the efficiency of data center should be the hot topic of the industry. For those who seek pragmatic and practical reasons, the cost savings should provide enough power. For those who have long considered the carriers, shall take into account the growing Internet usage and the growth ability of the current global data center, use the related technologies such as modular UPS can make optimal data center operation.
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