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by:KEBO      2020-05-07
Now has become a lot of data center the DE facto standard, its launch it timely. Technology development is roughly consistent with many data center procurement cycles. And 7 - Ten years ago, in the rapid development of the data center industry boom, at the time of many traditional independent tower UPS has been installed. Now a lot of these UPS need to upgrade, which means that the data center operators are ready to take advantage of offers. These products has many UPS can improve the efficiency of function: modular system itself means that multiple rack mounted devices can work in parallel, rather than an independent tower equipment, can meet the needs of the power source of the data center. Don't need to configure the transformer, it can improve the efficiency of about 5%. The key point lies in modular UPS effectively to adapt to the load. In a low of 25% in load cases, they can be up to 96% efficiency. This means that they usually run under load is more efficient in the center of the data it is impossible for the traditional UPS. Data center efficiency should be the hot topic of the industry. For those who seek pragmatic and practical reasons, the cost savings should provide enough power. For those who have long considered the carriers, shall take into account the growing Internet usage and the growth ability of the current global data center, use the related technologies such as UPS can make optimal data center operation. Industry brought by the change in the direction of modular UPS power supply system will not only help improve the efficiency of data center operations, but also provides a simple, scalability, and & other; Intelligent & throughout; System of a higher level of connectivity. In the past ten years or so the installed many UPS system has now been mature, now is the perfect time for data center using the technology progress. A smaller, lighter weight, and produce less heat, no longer need to equipped with air conditioning unit cost a lot of energy. These devices are also without transformer, its own separate can achieve efficiency by 5%; And can run across a variety of workload, the realization of the efficiency of about 96%, even as low as 25%, which is more than they are replacing the larger version, static, based on the transformer. Modularized UPS power can make the data center to do more with less money. But in a meet people's increasing data requirements of The Times, the overload of power grid is more and more overwhelmed, this ability will prove invaluable. Adopt the efficient modular UPS power to do this, at the same time, reduce energy costs and reduce carbon emissions.
However, with the increased prevalence of Video, it has become far more affordable.
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