Modular UPS and centralized UPS - what are the differences

by:KEBO      2020-05-07
Modular UPS: in the past, potential advantage is its high efficiency. When a UPS system when operating close to its maximum rated performance, it has the highest efficiency. With the decrease in the level of load, the efficiency is declining. On the surface as if it's not a big loss, but if you pay more attention to the energy waste and energy cost problem, you will find that the loss in gradually rise, you will begin to consider this problem. Can and is willing to be reconfigured, because it can make it more close to the standard performance. Traditional large UPS system configuration on the high side, the purpose is to cope with future demand for the performance of growth, so they are often under the rated performance for a period of many years, even forever. However, performance redundancy means lower efficiency. In & other; N+1” A modular system, through careful management, energy consumption can be this kind of phenomenon to a minimum. However, if want to undertake & other 2N” Redundant configuration, no matter what type, all need to manage energy consumption, guarantee the performance of the load system not less than 50% of the nominal performance. Otherwise, if the load configuration system is out of order, the system will overload operation. As a result, each set in & other; 2N” Mode of UPS system will be no more than its highest capacity. In recent years, companies have tended to choose smaller modules to build more large-scale. And as you know, the advantages and disadvantages are always coexist in the field of engineering. The advantages of this modular design can be according to the needs of the business to improve system performance and reduce the maintenance cost. These modules is to support the switch, users can be returned to factory for replacement or repair. Generally speaking, would be appropriate to add a module to improve their performance, rather than merely limited to provide the rated performance, on the basis of the bit large system with less as far as possible to make it natural & other; N+1” The performance of the redundancy. Centralized UPS: centralized support architecture consists of a set or two sets of large UPS, surrounding the installed position in the server room, the whole row of server endpoint, or an independent site adjacent server. Centralized UPS is like the great power protection network around the organization overall network. On-line centralized UPS usually works double conversion architecture, can provide higher stability of the power curve, and can eliminate most of the power outages. For a big company, general small distributed UPS single-phase power protection device is difficult to meet the demand of its own. The design of the centralized UPS to high-density server hardware demand as a starting point, because the hardware usually use three-phase power supply, the UPS is more durable, the better, of course so that this kind of UPS at the same time provide protection for single-phase and three-phase load. In order to increase the capacity of the distributed backup architecture, the data must support staff for each server rack manual add additional UPS, this is in large enterprises is extremely complicated and inefficient operations. In addition to using the valuable has fewer server hardware frame space, this architecture makes data technicians need to monitor and maintenance of equipment. And centralized build UPS redundant capacity is only a single step procedure, can greatly save operation consumption. The so-called & quot; Centralized & quot; , is to use a relatively high power UPS load all the equipment, if the device far distance between, also need to separate laying wires, large data centers, control centers often in this way, although the convenience of management, but the cost is higher.
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