Modular solution - room big data center

by:KEBO      2020-05-06
Modular machine room big data center according to the high efficiency and energy saving, optimizing the management base is designed, contains the cooling module, power supply module, wiring, and network monitoring, fire control module. Modular machine room have to the outside power supply interface, cooling interface, network interfaces, and through the overhead low voltage and heavy current slot reserved integrated wiring interface. Air conditioning refrigeration, between the columns is adopted to accomplish 100% of high sensible heat ratio, effectively reduce the large data center's overall energy consumption of humidification and dehumidification, air conditioning make the air circulation, the shortest path between columns on the premise of effective cooling to improve heat density large data center, realize the energy saving of the big data center cooling. Modular machine room big data center heart system by high-performance cabinet system, power distribution cabinet system, heat exchangers, cooling system, fire control cooling channel system, comprehensive wire system and comprehensive monitoring management system combination and into. Adopt unique cold heat circulation channel design, the whole room is cold, and the heat flow within the exchange is made within the internal closed space, and machine room external unicom; Which channel corridor for cold area, the server rack at the back ( 200 mm space) For thermal channel area, through the exchange of heat and cold circulation exchange to achieve cooling and heat dissipation of equipment, make the refrigeration system more efficient, energy-saving and environmental protection. Modular machine room big data center set of integrated management system integrating the including dynamic monitoring, environment monitoring, security monitoring, remote monitoring, multimedia alarm 5 monitoring management function, make the whole big data center room in all of the physical environment, micro environment factors obtained the real-time monitoring and management, computer room managers can master the large data center room in the first time the operation of the data. In addition, the modular machine room big data center is equipped with intelligent power management system ( Column header tank) , fire linkage roof system, automatic door system, comprehensive wire system, make the whole big data center facilities more perfect, the more complete application function, provides the network equipment installation and maintenance of complete and reliable computer integrated solutions.
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