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by:KEBO      2020-05-06
Modular machine room by the cabinet system, cooling system, power distribution system, monitoring system and fire fighting system of five parts, machine room monitoring, temperature and humidity control, fire alarm, automatic monitoring, etc. Rack system cabinet can be on-demand integration electronic distribution frame, network firewall, UPS, power distribution cabinets, precision air conditioning, and other equipment. Separate cabinet can install the required module airtight run independently, can even be placed in the outdoor, convenient to install and move. Several different functions of cabinet combination form enclosed space can be realized more. Refrigeration system can be used between column air conditioning refrigerating system room air conditioning or base, the column between the air conditioning is divided into air cooling or water cooling, the base air conditioning more save a space and can replace the hot plug at any time. Rack cooling unit will airflow into each rack local control room, precision cooling on high temperature area. Cabinet arrangement will stand back to back, power distribution system and refrigeration system integration as an independent airtight cooling channel, to isolate and cooling heat IT equipment, forming machine cabinets refrigeration cycle, improve the efficiency of refrigeration and heat dissipation. Power distribution system of modular machine power supply and distribution system including power distribution cabinet ( ATS cabinet, UPS power, air distribution, IT distribution) , UPS, battery, PDU equipment, etc. Engine rooms line laying strong or weak electric separation, electrical construction use insulated cable, power distribution lines equipped with over-current protection, overload protection. Integration of power distribution cabinet will power distribution cabinet, air distribution, UPS power distribution, power distribution monitoring integration in a power distribution cabinet, the front have optional switch input. Computer room environment monitoring system and the power equipment monitoring and control system of room temperature, humidity, cleanliness, power supply voltage, current, frequency, power distribution system of real-time monitoring and recording historical data, realize the views and reports show machine room monitoring system, computer room administrators can be convenient to check the room equipment real-time state, monitoring system can push room management business information by way of SMS. Fire control system, computer room set sunroof controller and skylight control device, smoke detector, heat detector. When the module as a smoke, temperature detector detects smoke or when the temperature exceeds bid, the alarm signal will be sent to sunroof controller, sunroof controller will automatically open, ensure that fire extinguishing gas into the cold sealing channel. Sound and light alarm to work at the same time, send out sound and light alarm. Rooms also available integration gas extinguishing controller cabinet of seven fluorin propane fire extinguishing system. The room fire, produce a large amount of smoke and heat. Room fire signal controller, the controller will open fire extinguishing agent storage valve, cast fire extinguishing agent to the protection zone, in the entrance to a room set up an emergency stop button, sound and light alarm and deflated lights.
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