Modular machine room construction, attention should be paid to the problem

by:KEBO      2020-05-05
1, the integration of distributed deployment. Bulk copy, on-demand extension three room from UPS battery + + ten percent IT room to IT room air conditioning room, requirements for building a unified, unified interface. Module level on-demand construction, instead of from a room according to the unified construction by a micro module in installment construction. 20 modules from order to delivery in only 13 weeks, ability of fast the IDC deployment of adaptive rapid development needs. 2, sealing channel + chilled water line level air conditioning lower PUE to 1. Channel 5 seal design, isolation of cold and hot air, row level air conditioning refrigeration, heat transfer to the nearest to the nearest, eliminate local hot spots, greatly improve the efficiency of refrigeration, field test PUE as low as 1. 5, OPEX reduce 35% 40%. 3, module and civil decoupling: a planning, investment in stages, with the rapid deployment. Civil engineering construction and IT separation, building main body and foundation construction of hydropower one-time to data center module, flexible deployment as needed. Data center and obligate interface module components are standardized products, quick delivery, field rapid assembly production, improve the ROI, a 10% drop in the Capex. 4, items within the module and the channel structure. : flexibility to change server life cycle is commonly 3 - in the future For 10 to 5 years, the data center 15 years, when the next round of server configuration changes, flexible adjustment of the internal micro module of power supply and cooling ratio can cope with, greatly improve the availability of micro module in the future. 5, intelligent management architecture. Single module monitoring and cluster monitoring to improve operational efficiency for each micro module deployment a touchscreen ( With independent NetEco intelligent management system) , connect to the switch, are responsible for the monitoring of the module management; At the same time provide SNMP interface, support cluster management based on micro module, interface clear, greatly improve the efficiency of operations.
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