Modular machine room and the advantages and disadvantages between traditional computer room, a comparison to know -KEBO power supply

by:KEBO      2020-04-06
< p >KEBO power supply small make up a simple modular room about the contrast between the two: < / p > < p > a, traditional computer room: < / p > < p > traditional node type room because of its geographical dispersion, the average short construction cycle, infrastructure usually adopt more profligate, imperfect system functions ( Such as the lack of refrigeration, fire protection, monitoring, etc. ) , cause great potential safety hazard! Users tend to spend a lot of manpower and material resources of the late for these small room for operations management, low efficiency! < / p > < p > the challenge for the traditional model of data center construction < / p > < p > so! Traditional data center is an urgent need to change < / p > < p > we focus on solving the small group of the early stage of the design is multifarious, the implementation cycle is long, the late operations difficult situation, innovative solutions launched IDU products, have many applications in the field of small data center and huge development space! < / p > < p > second, the evolution of modular machine room layout < / p > < p > how much it is well known in the engine room equipment, power is big, the power consumption is a problem, and it is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year down the light electricity, hundreds of thousands of, so the room save electricity building becomes more and more important. < / p > < p > PUE is: Power Usage Effectiveness of shorthand, is data center energy efficiency evaluation indicators, is the data center of all energy consumption and load IT using the ratio of the energy, is a DCIE, The inverse ratio. < / p > < p > PUE = total energy consumption of equipment/IT equipment energy consumption data center, PUE is a ratio that benchmark is 2, the closer to 1 indicates that the level of energy efficiency, the better, the higher the degree of green represents a data center. < / p > < p > you can see from figure traditional machine room of PUE is 2. 6, the module of PUE is only 1. 45, power saving a lot of visible micro module. < / p > < p > three, modular machine room: < / p > < p > modular machine is a complete set of data center solutions, set cabinets, power distribution, refrigeration, monitoring, integrated wiring, fire control system into an organic whole, realize the the seamless integration of the power supply, refrigeration, and the management components. < / p > < p > makes the operation of the computer room intelligent, efficiency, let our customers spend less investment, get more profits, but also reduces the operating costs. < / p > < p > the new trend of development of the data center of modular architecture < / p > < p > we use architecture modularization, standardization, the transition of modular data center design idea, which can realize the rapid construction, on-demand deployment, the efficiency of smart! < / p > < p > < / p >
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