Modular machine room air conditioners used in micro modular data room -

by:KEBO      2020-05-06
With the constant improvement of the degree of informatization, the Internet, the Internet of things and cloud computing high-speed development, the traditional data center is facing rising energy costs, there is insufficient space on the limited energy supply, and so on serious test, how to construct a efficient, reliable, and environmental protection of new green data center becomes the key issue in the enterprise concerned. Modular data center solutions is in order to realize rapid development of contemporary IT applications demand and the launch of a new generation of infrastructure integration solution, the IT room provides a complete infrastructure for enterprise IT application solutions, to implement the data center machine cabinet rapid construction. Micro computer system modular data set cabinets, power distribution, refrigeration, monitoring and control system into an organic whole, through the modular, the design of the plug and play, to meet customer density low, rapid deployment, flexible extension, easy maintenance, the demand of the intelligent management. Product features: deployment speed is quick, simple and easy. Factory prefabricated parts, field assembly, deployment cycle usually takes only a few weeks; Build regular data center, in contrast, it usually takes a few months; Can support the cement floor, anti-static floor installation. Precise and efficient cooling design. Cover an area of an area small, regular data center covers an area of general is three times more micro module data center; Closed cold hot channel isolation technique is adopted to avoid the mixture of cold and hot air, cold quantity to each according to his need; Refrigeration near the heat source, reducing air supply distance and energy efficiency. Energy conservation and emissions reduction, lower operating costs: micro module data center PUE is low, the refrigeration system is energy saving effect is remarkable. Modular architecture, flexible expansion. Adopting modular components and uniform interface standard, support module is an unit with single/double frame flexible extension; To each according to his need, a single cabinet power density support from 3 kw to 25 kw/frame smooth upgrade. Intelligent monitoring, fine management. Cabinet level energy consumption monitoring and fault alarm function, support local and remote monitoring; Monitoring platform with openness and scalability; The friendly human-computer interaction interface. Flexible investment, on-demand deployment. On-demand deployment, the first small investment.
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