Modular design features of computer room air conditioning -

by:KEBO      2020-05-06
1, modular structure: computer room air conditioning use modular structure planning. 2, a large area of evaporator, inside the room air cooled air conditioning is equipped with large windward area of evaporator, big air volume, small enthalpy difference produce the greatest amount of cold. 3, efficient closed compressor: with a high efficiency and energy saving air conditioning closed low noise compressor, the compressor maintenance of crankshaft heater in overheating. 4, can take the initiative to clean the electrode type humidifier & other; Air conditioning equipment electrode type humidifier, agile clean steam humidifying cans to take the initiative to clean type. 5, secure double electrode type heater: air conditioner inside electric heater with high efficiency large cooling area, usefully avoid ionization effect. Electric heater is equipped with safety hot maintenance, to ensure the safe and stable work. Level 6, EU4 air filter can be repeated washing, make the room clean air clean. 7, many kinds of refrigerants can choose: air conditioner as well as using R22 as refrigerant, also can choose everything or environmental refrigerant R407C. 8, selection of diversification: both to select single unit module, model selection of the equipment can also select double module units or more module units. 9, air supply method is divided into six types: generally use the air supply, the air return way for lower positive return air; Air supply, under the return air method for top return air and so on. 10, condenser: all-weather operations, security maintenance satisfaction IP55 specification. Security sensitive and convenient stent removable save space, equipment and delivery, etc. 11, put sensitive: a machine of different modules to different bearing placed in room, fully use the useful area of the room, make the air in the room with air distribution more uniform. 12, convenient transfer: modular constant temperature and humidity unit in the process of transport or equipment can be divided into multiple modules, convenient to sensitive to loading container, elevator, through the narrow door and corridor, can also be artificial transfer. Optional: 13, a variety of networking, the long-distance computer networking short-range computer connected to the Internet, more than a third operator network, power power equipment have network monitoring. 14, fresh air ventilation system: a variety of compatible with the new fan.
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