Modular computer room is? The six know - point to let you know-KEBO power supply

by:KEBO      2020-03-28
< p > data center (modular room Integrated modular products) Contain cabinets, power distribution cabinet, UPS,, ring monitoring systems, cooling channel, battery cabinet, etc. , is made up of these products a closed space. Each product can be seen as a module, like building blocks together is a modular data center, you can add products according to your requirements. < / p > < p > a modular data center is the computer room all functional integration to a modular integration of the product, the integration of product can be thought of as a room, decorate the this product can be used in a room, the room without doing too much decoration. < / p > < p > why so popular modular machine room now? Because there are 6 big advantage: < / p > < p > 1. High reliability standard module < / p > < p > a modular data center adopts the modular, standardization, and high reliability design, make the whole system has high stability, can according to customer requirements and actual situation, on the core power and refrigeration equipment, provide the N + 1, N + X, 2 N, such as design, safe and reliable, and meet the standards of Tier3 to Tier4 various grades. < / p > < p > 2。 Rapid deployment, greatly shorten the construction period < / p > < p > micro module data center to improve the efficiency of planning and design, can according to the IT business requirements, the rational allocation of system architecture, such as module unit cabinet arrangement, selection of power supply equipment, refrigeration scheme, monitoring and control system, etc. ; Micro module production and improve the delivery speed, standardized components, reduce the workload of field assembly, speed up the installation; Micro modules can be assembled in the factory and test in advance, to ensure the system debugging speed and reliability; Adopting modular design, combined with infrastructure + integrated delivery of IT equipment, data center deployment cycle can be reduced to a few weeks. For container data center, and even can realize the overall alignment in the factory, directly to the scene, complete water and electricity and Internet access, direct put into operation. < / p > < p > 3。 Implementation stage construction, easy extensibility < / p > < p > a modular data center integrated with refrigeration, terminal distribution, terminal wiring terminal such as modular components, on the basis of reduce initial investment, realize the data center of on-demand deployment, avoid of waste of fixed assets, at the same time ensures that large data center space for any IT infrastructure configuration to reach the better state. < / p > < p > 4。 Green energy-saving < / p > < p > the data centers use electricity costs during the life of TCO proportion is big. Modular data center to realize IT on-demand power supply and refrigeration equipment, power supply and the capacity of refrigeration system and the load demand more matching, thus improve the working efficiency and reduce the excessive configuration. Micro module power conversion rate is as high as 95%, as a result of using standardized interfaces and micro module structure, greatly saves the power, system will be achieved. < / p > < p > a modular data center using cold channel closed isolation, noninterference of cold and hot air, avoid the airflow caused by crosstalk of heat island effect, avoids the airflow and cooling capacity loss. Use air conditioning between the columns at the same time, the almost heat source design of refrigeration equipment, refrigeration efficiency, solved the problem of the local hot spot, reduce operation cost data center. Micro module data center combined with water cooling system, the natural cooling system, PUE can be reduced to 1. 5 below. < / p > < p > 5。 Intelligent management, fine operations < / p > < p > modular data center using the internal environment of micro module, real time monitoring of power equipment, etc, and IT equipment and infrastructure work together, realize ring + IT equipment sophisticated operations. Intelligent management system can provide a visual experience to help customers achieve data center energy consumption management, multiple levels and intensification locate additional energy loss point through a variety of statements, to realize saving energy and reducing consumption. < / p > < p > 6。 Container data center is easy to move < / p > < p > container data center solutions, integrated distribution system, power environmental monitoring, refrigeration system, cabinet, wiring, fire and other infrastructure. As a new data center solutions, which satisfy the traditional data center infrastructure needs of computer room, have a combination of traditional data centers that the outdoor place characteristic, and implement computer room can move features. < / p > < p > according to the advantage of the modular data center, can be widely used in the following scenario and environment. < / p > < p > target business scenario < / p > < p > enterprise institution self-built small data center < / p > < p > provides private cloud services, in large data centers < / p > < p > provides public cloud services, operators of large Internet data center < / p > < p > meet the Internet, communications, government, military, education, electricity, oil companies such as customized requirements < / p > < p > apply environment < / p > < p > local office building space that could satisfy the requirement of load-bearing < / p > < p > after simple modification of old plant < / p > < p > is using special and new data center < / p > < p > the CDC - working environment temperature 40 ~ 55 ℃, low temperature and high temperature climate environment, global coverage application scenario < / p > < p > cranes for modular data center market is in an era of rapid growth, modularization has become a recognized the trend of the data center industry, major manufacturers have released the integrated solutions based on modular data center, and spend a lot of research and development strength, applying intelligent technology to the prompt data center to the simple, efficient, reliable, energy saving, intelligent dimension of development, to meet the data center centralized, large-scale, the demand of the density and the complication tendency. < / p > < p > < / p >
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