Modular cold hot channel isolation room why need? - - - - - -

by:KEBO      2020-05-06
Traditional data center air distribution is disorder, cold and hot gas channeling, high precision air conditioning energy consumption of air conditioning can not get effective use of the data center. Save data center space, improve data center space utilization. Through a traditional data center and the layout of cold channel data center space comparison, & other; Cold channel & throughout; 14 cabinet layout save the modular machine room space. 8%, improved the rack space utilization. Cold and hot channel isolation characteristics: ( 1) Modular cold channel closed for the modular design, cold channels on both sides of the corresponding two racks for a module; Each module can separate installation and disassembly, convenient user increase, decrease or mobile channel and part of the cabinet. ( 2) Each roof can be implemented and integrated fire safety. When the modular engine fire signal confirmation, to open the roof, fire extinguishing fire gases can enter the channel. ( 3) Beautiful sex channel closed window material for transparent glass, appearance is made of cold rolled steel sheet with cabinet, high mechanical strength, good permeability, general appearance, and cabinet style is consistent, and modular machine room environment is coordinated. ( 4) On-demand customized according to the height of the cabinet and modular machine room at the top of the space height, flexible adjustment of the closed solution. Roof all flip/half flip scheme. ( 5) Installation reliability 1, channel, closed all the components are installed on the rack bearing frame; 2, fixed point are mainly distributed in the cabinet top, front, side of bearing framework; 3, simple installation, the overall coordination and beautiful, won't destroy the existing modular room decoration, installation of the scene without moving the fire welding problems of cold and hot channel. Its principle has disadvantages caused by 1, because of the principle of cold and hot channel, need to deal with the closed for the entire supply areas ( Cold channel closed) , although the sharp decrease or avoid air volume and cold loss, eventually greatly improve the efficiency of refrigeration, for the hot and cold channel closed solution, has been in the large-scale promotion of the chief question is fire, due to run in a data center is a lot of IT equipment, so the usual gas extinguishing fire will be adopted. Due to closed cooling channel, once the cold channel and fire equipment, fire gas cannot reach the closed area, within the time required is bound to cause a greater loss. 2, too dependent on precision air conditioning because of cold and hot channel mainly because rely on air conditioning control temperature, cold and hot channel of air flow all need through the adjustment of the precision air conditioning, and because of the need to build cold hot channel, request to close the air supply area, management is very difficult to detect precision air conditioning failure, leading to many problems.
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