Lead-acid battery configuration and choice -

by:KEBO      2020-04-16
( 1) Rated capacity of lead-acid battery choice due to the actual available capacity and the size, system voltage, discharge current, discharge time, battery working environment temperature, the duration of storage battery and load is closely related to the factors such as the categories and characteristics. The capacity of lead-acid battery generally refers to the 20 & deg; C, to 20 h discharging rate of discharge to 1. 75 v/monomer, the output of the battery power number ( W) 。 ( 2) Lead-acid battery indicator selection resistance: should choose the lead-acid battery internal resistance small, can continuous large current discharge. If the internal resistance is bigger, in the process of charging and discharging power consumption increased, make the hot battery. Float charging voltage, at the same temperature, the float charging high pressure value means that the energy storage is big, poor quality of lead-acid battery float charging voltage value is generally small. Battery float charging pressure values in different temperature should be revised. In the large and medium-sized ( A few kVA - Thousands of kVA) UPS with monomer 2 v series battery, avoid is mixed with the combination of small capacity battery.
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