Knowledge - UPS power battery short circuit

by:KEBO      2020-04-16
A two cases, battery short circuit 1, battery internal short circuit. Battery internal short circuit is usually caused by poor battery production process. Tend to have the following situation: ( 1) Partition quality is bad or defect, make the plate through the active material and the positive and negative plate contact or direct contact. ( 2) Partition into a connected to the positive and negative plates. ( 3) Plate on the active material loss, due to the loss of the active material deposition is overmuch, cause positive and negative plate bottom edge or side edge connected with sediments caused by mutual contact the positive and negative plates. ( 4) Conductive objects in UPS power supply caused inside the battery positive and negative plate is connected. ( 5) Forms when a group of welding & other; Lead flow & throughout; Not clean, or assembly & other; Lead beans & throughout; Exist between the positive and negative plate, in the process of charging and discharging the damage plate connected to the positive and negative plates. 2, external battery short circuit. External battery short circuit is generally due to human factors such as installation engineers, the user caused by short circuit. But there are also some other site conditions caused by short circuit. Generally has the following situation: when installation is negative short circuit; Cable loss caused by short circuit; Battery cable insulation scratches caused by short circuit; Environment falls metal or metal dust causes short circuit etc. Second, UPS power battery short circuit phenomenon ( 1) Low open circuit voltage, closed circuit voltage ( Discharge) Soon to end voltage. ( 2) High discharge current, voltage drop quickly to zero. ( 3) When open, the electrolyte density is low, electrolyte freezing phenomenon will appear in the low temperature environment. ( 4) When charging, the voltage rise slowly, always stay low, Sometimes zero) 。 ( 5) When charging, high electrolyte temperature rises quickly. ( 6) When charging, the electrolyte density rises slowly or almost no change. ( 7) When charging is bubbled or steaming appeared very late. Three, UPS lead-acid battery short circuit processing method: reduce the charging current, reduce the charging voltage, check whether the safety valve is closed. Charge discharge on a regular basis. UPS power battery system of lead-acid battery float charging voltage and discharge voltage, many in the factory have been debugging to the rating, and the size of the discharge current is increased with the increase of load, in use should be reasonable to adjust load, control the use of computers and other electronic devices such as the Numbers. When installing a lead-acid battery, should use the tools of insulation measures should be taken, attachment should be outside of the battery electric even better, through inspection without short circuit, and finally connected battery, wiring specification should be good insulation, prevent overlapping compression fracture. In everyday use, we must strictly abide by the UPS battery use requirement, be careful maintenance, can better prevent UPS lead-acid battery short circuit, make the use of lead-acid battery safer, longer service life.
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