Knowledge of UPS battery discharge

by:KEBO      2020-04-03
A, 1, UPS floating about charging batteries, please use 2 charging voltage. 275 v/single ( 20 ℃ when the set point) For constant voltage charging or 0. Under the ca 002 for constant current charging current. When the temperature is below 0 c or above 40 c, it is necessary to carry out charging voltage correction, every change once in 20 c as a starting point, the single - voltage change 3mv。 2, circulating charging, charging voltage in 2. 40 - 2. 50 v/single ( 20 ℃ when the set point) For constant voltage, charging voltage. The temperature is below 5 c or above 35 ℃ during charging, starting point is 20 ℃, every change once - charging voltage adjustment 4 mv/single. 3, charging current control early in 0. Below 25 ca. 4, charging amount is set to put 100 - power 120%, but when the environment temperature below 5 c, set is 120 - 130%. 5, the lower the temperature ( Below 5 c) The longer the charge over time, the higher the temperature ( More than 35 c) The easier it is happened in charge, so especially when used in the cycle in charge within the 5 c ~ 30 c is better. 6, as far as possible to prevent overcharge installation charge timer, or automatic conversion ChengJuan streaming charging ways. 7, to control charging battery temperature in - The scope of 15 c ~ + 40 c. Second, about discharge discharge battery temperature control at -, please 15℃- The range of + 50 ℃. Please control below 3 ca (continuous discharge current H control in under 6 ca) 。 Discharging termination voltage in accordance with the current changes, the size of the roughly as described below. Note, when voltage shall be not less than the following. After discharge, please recharge quickly. If you don't care after discharge also please recharge immediately. Three, installation considerations when installing the battery, please be sure to comply with the following: 1, the battery is not installed in a sealed space or near to the fire, otherwise it is in danger of explosion and fire. 2, do not use vinyl film could trigger electrostatic cover battery, static electricity is caused an explosion. 3, do not install where possible water storage battery, or be at risk of electric shock, fire. 4, please do not over - 40 ° ~ 60 ° C C environment to install the battery. 5, do not use battery where there is dust, otherwise may cause the battery to short circuit. 6, put the battery into the trunk when using, pay attention to air circulation. 7, don't have sticky or labeling class objects pin on the cover, because of the exhaust valve cover, a gas inside the battery will not be able to escape. 8, the number of parallel - — Floating charge, plug type terminal battery can at most three columns, bolt fastening type terminal no special restrictions, but the small number of parallel increase reliability. In addition, the parallel connection, it is necessary to consider the connection between the columns conductor and equal contact resistance, in order to make the battery charging and discharging keep balance, please don't actually use more than three columns. 9, at the same time using different capacity, the old and new, manufacturers of different batteries, due to the different characteristic values is likely to make the battery and damage to the machine, so please avoid to use. Four, about the escrow 1, please pay attention to the temperature does not exceed - 20 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃. 2, storage battery must make the battery in the fully charged state for safekeeping. Due to the part or retention period internal cause self-discharge will damage in transit capacity, please added when using electricity. 3, long-term preservation, to make up for safekeeping during the self-discharge, please supplement. Under the condition of more than 40 c custody, had a very bad effect on battery life, please avoid! 4, please in the low temperature drying, well ventilated place for safekeeping. 5, such as battery packaging in the process of storage or transfer accidentally get wet by water, should immediately get rid of the packing carton, cartons to avoid wet by water become conductor battery discharge or burn out positive terminal. Five, for routine inspection and maintenance care 1, regularly check the battery, if found to have the appearance of pollution such as dust, wet cloth to clean water or warm water, please. Do not use organic solvents such as petrol, banana oil or oil cleaning, please avoid using chemical fabric. 2, floating, always in the process of the battery voltage or dial on the voltmeter is deviating from the benchmark (as shown in the table under the guideline values ±0. 5 v/single) Should investigate the reason and deal with.
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