Know what time - modular UPS power

by:KEBO      2020-05-07
Operating costs of modular UPS power supply load accounts for only 15% of the rated capacity, the engine power by more than 90%. In the load arrived at 27%, power has can reach 94%. The efficiency increases, reduction in energy consumption spending. Availability availability is embodied in the system supply continuous service. Choose module N + X redundancy technology, can online hot plug in fault module, MTTR is 0. Machine room monitoring generic geopolitical UPS power supply monitoring system by the front-end equipment, client/server APP, PC screen three parts. Can be in the mobile terminal screen visual check the running status and related data, synchronous receives the alarm when abnormal information. Strong sex of the N + X redundant power supply system, practice load ratio in the size of the equipment capacity of the firm sex of the system. Practice load is lower, the system redundancy, the higher the system of sex is also higher. On-demand expansion selects the modular structure, and can be 20 kva, 480 kva range, with 20 kva for the unit, can do at any time on-demand online expansion, cost savings for the user.
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