KEBO importance - UPS power supply working principle and application KEBO power supply

by:KEBO      2020-04-05
< p > KEBO UPS power supply working principle is what? < / p > < p > in any case the normal power supply, is the important foundation of metallurgical industry. Therefore, in addition to the normal power industrial power grid, will need to be equipped with a UPS power supply system. UPS power supply is the important apparatus to ensure power supply stability and continuity, because of its high intelligent degree, main machine adopts maintenance-free battery energy storage equipment, makes in the run often ignore the maintenance and overhaul of the system. Actually the stand or fall of maintenance, has a great influence on the power of life and failure rate, below according to the specific situation we use and maintenance experience introduction to the use of UPS power considerations and daily maintenance requirements. < / p > < p =“文本-风格 align:中心; '> < / p > < p > although each enterprise configuration of UPS power supply system equipment model and system capacity is different, but the principle and main functions are basically the same. On a multipoint in UPS power type choice, chose the on-line, at this time for on-line UPS power supply system has all kinds of switching power supply of the zero time, the length of its own power supply time is optional, and has the characteristics of the voltage, frequency stabilization, purification. < / p > < p > when UPS power system itself you have automatic bypass function failure, can use manual bypass when need to repair, maintenance and supply each other. On the power selection, the selection of the small and medium-sized bar rolling line in lai steel in the power system. < / p > < p > the importance of UPS power supply battery capacity of UPS power supply system, battery capacity on the importance of the emergency power supply system. Why say important, such as the power of the battery is an important support system, provides the reliable support for continuous operation equipment. In the case of mains suddenly loses power, the battery can provide power equipment supply, ensure the power supply, communication and other system normal operation. If the battery capacity is not up to standard, or can not meet the requirements will be able to direct power at a predetermined time; At present, is widely used in electric power, communications, railways and other industries are maintenance-free valve control type sealed lead-acid battery, maintenance free just means don't need to add water, does not mean that don't need maintenance. < / p > < p > choose sunshine or battery power supply and the extension of the time, according to simply make sure choose what type of battery, is according to the emergency power supply, extension of time and reserve time to decide. < / p > < p > KEBOUPS power failure caused by accidents occurred in recent years, the serious influence and threaten the safe operation of the equipment, set over a period of time after use, often fall off easily because of the active material bad, positive plate bar corrosion, and sulfide, reduce capacity gradually, in order to estimate the utility interruptions, battery can provide power, the duration of discharge capacity test is a must. < / p > < p > < / p >
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