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by:KEBO      2020-05-13
In the family room air conditioning, ChanYuanJi and more online is still the highest proportion of all the products products, the proportion is 22% and 44% respectively, compared with the same period last year fell 7% and 1% decline. Among them, the more online products become the most potential computer room air conditioning market products. Merchants for the product promotion and the increase of the promotions for more users to understand and to experience the advantages of computer room air conditioning, drive the fast growth of domestic computer room air conditioning. The following is about the development status of computer room air conditioning. 1, centrifuge advantages highlighted as the market is large and medium-sized engineering project contracting sharply, large-scale chiller & other; Throughout the affected &; The most serious. Lithium bromide, screw machine, module product decline of more than 15%. Centrifuge products decline is relatively small, the product advantages highlighted. Investigate its reason, one of, in large public buildings, centrifuge products energy-saving advantage is more apparent, more in line with the requirements of national energy conservation and environmental protection. Second, the decline in the price. As is known to all, centrifuge products because of its technology in the industry's most high-end, causes the product price is more expensive. 2, fresh air system is popular with the improvement of universal in fog visibility, can filter through replacement and air to ensure that the form of indoor air and pure and fresh air system is becoming more and more get the welcome of people. Not only has relatively advanced filtering PM2 fresh air system. 5 ability, and is suitable for the popularization of cost performance, satisfied the large commercial buildings, kindergartens, schools, classrooms, hospitals, offices, etc. The demand of the residential building. In the case of the national real estate regulation policy tightening, in accordance with the development trend of household air system are more subject to market. In recent years, domestic air industry has just started, and in Japan and some European and American countries, fresh air system application has entered the universal or mandatory application stage, the fresh air in these countries based on product no matter in technology or brand, are leading in the domestic enterprises, has become a domestic air market & other; Main force & throughout; 。 To speed up technology research and development, upgrading the quality of the products be fresh air enterprise development path. 3, the future development trend in the first half of this year our room air conditioning market reached 30 billion yuan, an increase of more than 40. Domestic brands of the market sales are much more optimistic than foreign brand, this is the first time presents the domestic brands dominate the market situation. Show room of air conditioning market situation at home and abroad brand coexist. In the next few years, computer room air conditioning industry in China will continue to keep the momentum of development, the gap between room air conditioning enterprise is likely to increase further, enterprises want to win in the fierce market, must be accurate to position itself, at the same time of improve enterprise's overall strength, strengthen technology and product innovation, integration of internal and external resources. To bring more benefits to customers.
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