Is there any difference between with and without computer room precision air conditioning? - - - - - -

by:KEBO      2020-05-09
In recent years, the field machine room, network management center, mobile base station, a small computer room, etc. , in the fast growth the tendency, the construction of the machine room have appeared in the dysfunctional type small machine room, however, the development of small machine room didn't accordingly bring to completely change the environment of the refrigeration system, small machine room before refrigeration has been the general comfort air conditioning is popular, now the small machine room after another began to use computer room precision air conditioning. According to related statistics, in the domestic most of the new room, use is the comfort level of the general air conditioning, and common air conditioning mainly just to supply users with suitable temperature, humidity, can't control. Room inside the electronic devices are usually are, servers, switches, computer equipment such as optical transceiver, and UPS uninterruptible power supply, etc. , these devices will be in the form of heat transfer, convection and radiation heat to the room, the quantity of heat only form the temperature inside the room, if the humidity in the room is too wet or too dry, the electronic equipment room is very unlucky, the influence of engine heat dissipation due to the steady state heat source equipment, year-round non-stop running, it needs to ensure that the system has a continuous air conditioning, in the power supply of air conditioning equipment also have higher requirements, not only need have a dual mains each other, and about to ensure machine equipment of the air conditioning system shall also have the important accounting do back-up power generators, so be sure to gear precision air conditioning, to supply room with a constant temperature and humidity environment. In addition to the constant temperature and humidity, using precision air conditioning room demand factors are: 1, high reliability. The function of control system are closely associated with all the functions of air conditioning system, high precision of the control system can ensure the security of computer room air conditioning. Dedicated a lot of room air conditioner enterprise specialized announced a series of control device as part of the air conditioning system, selection of electronic control unit or microcomputer control is now very throughout, some companies are now using fuzzy control skills in computer rooms dedicated air-conditioning system. 2, the control precision. Precision of temperature control, humidity control, air filtration and other important requirements for the refrigeration system is computer room environment. General planning of comfort air conditioning for home environment or general working environment, cannot reach the above three requirements. 3, efficient. In terms of high efficiency and energy saving, the general comfort air conditioning can't compare with rooms dedicated air-conditioning shoulder obviously. Look from the sensible heat ratio, rooms dedicated air-conditioning sensible heat ratio as high as 80% 90%, that is to say, 90% of the useful power for equipment cooling, as long as about 10% of the energy consumption for moderate moisture. And comfort air conditioning of the sensible heat ratio is 60% 70% - 30% 40% of the power used for excessive moisture. This simple lead to room humidity is too low, not only was held hostage by electrostatic equipment, and greatly waste electricity. As a result, many problems of the use of comfort air conditioning room, the first performance for engine electronic equipment failure rate is high and large amount of comfort air conditioning's own protection. A cause to these problems lies in the program specification is not suitable for comfort air conditioning room to the requirement of temperature and humidity, more do not agree with the requirement of high reliable and efficient green, as a special environment, small machine room should get a professional air conditioning room to caress, more should complete refrigeration and specialization.
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