Introduction to data center integration advantages

by:KEBO      2020-04-23
Data center's main function is to store and process data, the traditional data processing are increasing investment in hardware equipment, to ensure the effective operation of the data center. In recent years, with the development of emerging IT technology such as large data with mature, makes data center got unprecedented development, both in hardware and software have made great progress. Current data center system integration is higher and higher, more and more large amount of data, traditional data center backup storage and processing power is weak, enterprise existing business system data has been unbearable; IDC space is limited, the original expansion plan cannot be achieved; Expanding budget to double room equipment, time-consuming. Data integration is the data storage center, processing center, transit center and management center, will be one or more data information to the data center for data and information service, so as to achieve the request transfer and data transfer, etc. Data center as a business hub bearing platform and network control, is the foundation of successful enterprise IT transformation and the safeguard. With the rapid development of information technology, enterprise information data, increasing data exchange, share, backup, storage, need more hardware equipment support, this is undoubtedly increased the operation cost of enterprises. Because data center long construction period, large investment, technology development is fast, and involved in many technical field, so the enterprise need a professional team, help them from the design, planning, deployment, and operations to provide end-to-end solutions. Integration of data centers is the basis of the existing hardware devices, to integrate data center optimization, reducing energy consumption, make full use of resources, improve operational efficiency, help enterprises to promote business development.
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