Introduction - rooms dedicated air-conditioning unit control system

by:KEBO      2020-04-23
One, main control function description 1, regulate civil or industrial application environment temperature and humidity: temperature control, humidity control; 2, compressor control function: compressor is used as a simple on/off load management. 3, time setting function: minimum running time, minimum closing time, the same compressor start the minimum interval and boot power control delay time shortest; 4, compressor alarm function: compression pressure overload alarm, low pressure alarm and general alarm; Alarm management, alarm record function; 5, control of one or two electric heating equipment, the most three electric heating power level; 6, built-in electrode type humidifying equipment; ( In view of the matching humidifier models) 7, equipment manual control functions: can manual control, and not affected by the timing and the sensor values. Manual control mode only respond to security warnings. Manual control applies only in the case of a shutdown. During the manual control, can't boot. 8, inlet temperature control; 9, memory function: when power supply drop suddenly lose power, the system has the memory function, the electric system on automatic restore power lost before running state; 10, perfect equipment, LCD display and multiple regularly password protection function. Second, the function introduction 1, contains the main menu, query menu and set menu. Make the operation more convenient air conditioning unit, further enhance the availability of the equipment room dedicated air conditioning. 2, advanced microprocessor control, adopting PID control technology, has a large LCD screen display, can display temperature and humidity, with a graphical display of running status of the items constituting the unit within the function. 3, running state intelligent display. The unit automatically switches on duty. When on duty unit fails, spare units will start up and put into operation in time, at the same time sound rapid alarm message to the monitoring center. 4, has a large capacity of the function of fault alarm record store can store up to 100 of the alarm history. Easy to operate, one-click access, without tedious multilevel menu. Equipped with standard R485 monitoring interface, can be incorporated into the environment centralized monitoring total net, maintenance personnel to patrol work.
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