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by:KEBO      2020-03-31
< p > today, ups power supply manufacturer KEBO power of small make up to introduce for everybody introduction and classification of ups uninterruptible power supply! < / p > < p > a, UPS uninterruptible power supply is what? < / p > < p > UPS ( 不间断供电系统/不间断电源) , that is, the uninterrupted power supply. Uninterruptible power supply the battery and the host connected, through the host inverter circuit four parts, such as the dc switching power electronic equipment, its main use in a single computer, computer network system and other devices, such as in the stability of the solenoid valve, etc to provide uninterrupted power supply. When the mains is normal, uninterruptible power supply will be stable mains supply load after use, uninterrupted power supply for this time of the act as a stabilizer, but also to the host of the battery, can prevent the power of the power failure problem, but also protect the normal working load. Is simply the mains power outage time can continue to provide uninterrupted power supply to the power equipment of a device that can guarantee the equipment to work normally. < / p > < p > 2, the classification of uninterrupted power supply have? < / p > < p > UPS according to the working principle of the divided into back-up type, and online interactive on-line three categories. < / p > < p > among them, we are the most commonly used UPS backup type, it has the power automatic voltage regulator, UPS for the protection of the most fundamental and most important function, although generally have about 10 ms conversion time, alternating current (ac) is a square wave inverter output rather than the sine wave, but because the structure is simple and has low price, high reliability advantages, therefore widely used in computer, peripherals, POS machine, etc. < / p > < p > on-line UPS structure is complex, but the performance is perfect, can solve the problem of all power, such as the four PS series, its salient features is the ability to continue to zero interrupt pure sine wave output alternating current (ac), to solve the peak, surge, etc. All of the power supply frequency drift problem; Due to large investments, often in the center of the key equipment and network applications in power demanding environment. < / p > < p > online interactive UPS, compared with back-up type, online interactive with functions of filtering, mains interference ability is very strong, the conversion time is less than 4 ms, inverter output sine wave for simulation, so can be equipped with servers, routers and other network equipment, or use in electric power environment is bad. < / p > < p > the above is the small make up today ups power supply manufacturer KEBO power and share all the content and want to get more information about can collect our website, we will not be updated regularly! < / p > < p > < / p >
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