Introduces a modular power supply - UPS

by:KEBO      2020-04-29
With automation, informationization development, industry demand for power is more and more strong, to protect electric power demand is higher and higher, modular UPS as significant equipment to ensure the stability and continuity of supply, has been widely applied to various fields. UPS development up to now, the market has a variety of models, including machine, high frequency machine, modular machine power frequency are the three most common kinds of UPS market model, this article from the basic principle and application characteristics of these three kinds of models, each index comparison, with reference for user selection. Before the said power frequency high frequency machine, let's clear the high frequency machine, power frequency definition. Abroad without high frequency mechanic machine, they define UPS with and without Transformer type Transformer type, namely the Transformer and the Transformer - UPS 更少的UPS。 Domestic to distinguish, the modulation frequency of the rectifier rectifier modulation frequency for power frequency ( 50Hz) Modulation, the definition for the machine, power frequency rectifier using high frequency ( Thousands of Hz) Modulation, defined as the high frequency machine. Another UPS structure up to distinguish from the appearance, posture ( 架类型UPS) , modular, 模块化UPS) And the tower, 塔型UPS) Models. This is relatively well understood, easy to install in standard servers or network cabinet structure called a rack mount UPS, UPS power unit, the bypass switch unit adopts modular structure consisting of a type called modular UPS, rectifier inverter are in accordance with the provisions, power design of the overall model called tower model. As high frequency and power frequency refers to the tower type, rack mount UPS is the low power ( Less than 20 kva) The tower model the physical structure of the adjustment to suit rack installation, this paper not rack mount UPS were analyzed. A, mechanic frequency UPS that is based on power frequency transformer output UPS, SCR thyristor device used as a rectifier device, rectifier modulation frequency and power grid frequency ( 50Hz) Agreement, this machine is called power frequency machine. UPS power frequency by the rectifier, inverter, static bypass, maintenance of the bypass, the output transformer. The output transformer is an integral part of UPS, boosting role. Because UPS of rectifier and inverter two transformations are step-down link ( SCR pipe pressure drop) So before the UPS output must have a link for booster, the output transformer is used to achieve this function. The power frequency machine on the market gradually atrophic, especially in the data center and communication room, has been gradually replaced by high frequency machine, modular UPS. Power frequency machine also has its own characteristics, in the industrial field, especially in petroleum and petrochemical industry, chemical industry, high-end manufacturing industries, power frequency machine is still the leading role, in the whole industry, UPS power frequency machine market share of more than 30%. Second, high frequency machine, high frequency machine and there are three common types, in the late 90 s, a SCR rectifier back-end increase the BOOST chopper circuit of pressure, will be raised to the UPS output voltage needed for the dc, so as to eliminate the output transformer. Before dc booster can be as simple as replaced the UPS power frequency transformer ac booster, such not only lower cost, the UPS is greatly reduced volume and weight, can be said to be the important technology innovation in the industry high frequency UPS machine without transformer is the biggest characteristic, small volume light weight, big power density, the whole machine with high efficiency, small input harmonic current, so its development prospect is more promising, high frequency power electronics is a development trend. But from the point of application, high frequency machine in environmental adaptability and impact resistant ability is still less than the maturity of higher power frequency machine. Power supply environment along with the social demand for green power and energy saving products continue to increase, high frequency IGBT rectifier UPS technology had the very big development, the reliability and stability of the IGBT device also has the very big development, it has been more and more users choose the high frequency machine, especially in the field of data center, finance, high frequency machine is user preferred communications field. Three, modular UPS power supply modular UPS is the high frequency UPS power alone to make a power module, and then each module in parallel output, in addition the bypass switch module and control unit and module unit, so that the whole UPS is the superposition of each module. Modular UPS the biggest characteristic is that the power part is easy to implement redundant functions, as long as the UPS load power margin has more than a single module power, UPS power & other can be realized; N+1” Redundant, so as to improve the reliability of UPS power supply. Modular UPS and benefit is high availability, when a module fault, direct replacement module, maintenance time is very short, maintenance is very convenient. In addition, modular UPS often mentioned & other; Growth and investment & throughout; , where users can buy fewer power module during the initial construction, after the user equipment to increase the business growth to buy UPS capacity power modules. In a nutshell, machine, high frequency machine, modular machine power frequency are the three most common kinds of UPS market models, its each have each characteristic, meet different types of customers. Different types of users, has its own application environment characteristics and load characteristic, as a manufacturer we stood in the Angle of the client application to choose to suit the user's machine, rather than just from a technical perspective which models the most advanced technology. UPS is to solve the electricity reliability, the most advanced is not necessarily the most appropriate. As a user, it should be from their own point of view, to select the most optimal solution, thus determine suitable UPS models.
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