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by:KEBO      2020-04-03
< p > the high-end product of EPS was under the dormant state of UPS. When the mains is normal, EPS in addition to the transmission of lower quality than UPS, but in today's public power grid, can meet the requirements of most of the electrical equipment. As a result, people care about saving the eternal theme, and high reliability of two factors, the majority of cases of EPS is better than UPS. If the grid quality is good, reliable power supply, electric equipment specification, in many occasions may use EPS instead of double inverter on-line UPS, rather than replace EPS with UPS. Of course, in some critical equipment, still need to use double on-line UPS inverter. Introduce the difference of EPS and UPS UPS power supply for you < / p > < p > ( 1) The EPS of the development of our country is originated in the mains failure, in order to ensure the needs of the electric power security and fire control linkage, it can provide real-time and fire emergency escape lighting, protect the user's life or body from damage, the product technical requirements are subject to supervision by the Ministry of Public Security fire certification, and accept the installation site fire acceptance. And UPS is used to protect the user equipment or business from economic loss, its technical requirements by the ministry of information industry product certification. The applicable safety codes are obviously different, thus has different values. < / p > < p > ( 2) EPS and UPS can provide two way to choose the output power supply, UPS in order to ensure the power supply quality, is to choose the inverter is preferred; And EPS is in order to ensure the energy saving, is to choose the mains is preferred. Of course both in the design of the rectifier/charger and inverter on indicators are difference. < / p > < p > ( 3) Because it is using on-line UPS, fails to timely report to the police, and have backup protection, make users timely grasp the failure and troubleshooting, won't cause a greater loss to the accident. And EPS is an off-line use, is the end of a power supply, so the reliability design is more demanding, not simply understood as backup UPS, otherwise, the importance of the EPS written off. If the EPS at mains failure, not through the emergency power supply, battery, EPS as dummy, the consequences will be unimaginable. < / p > < p > ( 4) UPS power supply object is computer and network equipment, load properties ( The input power factor) The difference is not big, so the nation UPS output work for 0. 8. And EPS power supply object is electric power security and fire control safety, load properties for inductive, capacitive and rectifier both nonlinear load, the output power factor cannot be set to 0. 8 ( EPS gb would stipulate the number) And some load is stop to work after the mains, and therefore require EPS can provide great impact current, EPS need output dynamic characteristics is better, stronger resistance to overload ability. So the EPS and UPS of the technical design of each component index distribution is different. < / p > < p > < / p >
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