Inspection and testing data center UPS -

by:KEBO      2020-04-17
Static check UPS input and output parameters check UPS system: input and output voltage, current, frequency, power, power factor, voltage harmonic distortion. Input, low voltage protection check: 1. Analog input voltage is beyond the scope allowed to change state, detect whether can be automatically converted to the battery of the UPS power supply; 2. Analog input voltage return to normal range, testing whether UPS system can automatically from the battery inverter to normal work. Detection system more than set the inverter output voltage, under voltage value, the system is the alarm, and install bypass power supply state. Communication system circuit breaker protection test: test system the main input, communicate bypass the input and output circuit breaker protection device is qualified to normal. Monitoring performance test: check UPS system RS232 or RS485/422, IP/standards such as USB communication interface work; The normal work of the system/battery/inverter bypass power, overload, low battery discharge voltage, mains failure, power module. Environment and appearance inspection equipment of stand-by power system space of clean room temperature and humidity inside the equipment room internal dust and cleanliness room floor and roof waterproof case inside equipment room floor bearing. External links to check whether the input and output connections are secure UPS power distribution system output type switchgear external and internal wiring is rigid switchgear installation are solid, related operator action is flexible distribution ark the set values for the circuit breaker Settings are accurate power distribution equipment and electrical components are contained in the connection fastening UPS system debugging engineer is ready for measuring instrument includes: grounding resistance tester, infrared thermometer, power quality analyzer, multimeter, xu battery internal resistance measuring instrument, etc. Power quality analyzer is mainly used for UPS so electrical parameter measurement, infrared measuring instrument is mainly used for measuring circuit connection, external battery point, switchgear, as well as the working temperature of each connecting device. Battery internal resistance measuring instrument, measuring the configured UPS battery internal resistance, and thus to judge a good battery. Dynamic check UPS with full load test check UPS systems: determine the UPS equipment normal operation, the load cable installation is correct, test equipment and testing instrument is connected correctly; UPS load overload test check: whether the load exceeds the rated load equipment alarm, load more than one inverter with load capacity, system whether to cut the bypass; UPS load switch test check: adjust the UPS with loads according to the load switch test requirement, the size of the general test load is: 0% 30% - 80% - 100%; Measurement in the process of load switch UPS output voltage value, current value and phase values and other technical parameters; UPS parallel operation test check: divide and contact this load and load conditions, the weaver system bypass switch test, system technical parameters, alarm functions, such as battery discharge test. Battery system to check the battery inspection: the battery and battery cabinet appearance in good condition, cable connection is firm, tighten and firm, terminal batteries and battery cabinet interior without leakage trace; Battery system switches and wiring check: battery switch is correct, reasonable setting value; Battery internal resistance test: for each battery internal resistance test, record the battery internal resistance value, through the analysis and comparison to determine the internal resistance without abnormal cells; Test battery charging and discharging characteristics: floating battery test, well test, battery discharging, automatic temperature compensation and records; Low battery protection test: when simulating the battery of the UPS inverter works, the battery voltage drop to protection, sent out sound and light warning system, the battery stop power supply.
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