In the installation of air conditioning indoor - computer room precision air conditioning

by:KEBO      2020-05-11
Equipment room dedicated air conditioning indoor machine installation shall ensure that air flow, there should be no vibration of the floor installation, application and floor Angle bracket is firm connection, between unit and stent vibration reduction measures such as installation of rubber gasket. Indoor parts installation should differ according to the shape of the room and choose a different installation location, such as rectangular room, should be installed at the side of the room is narrow side; , like long edge on one side is too long, should be in both narrow sides respectively installed, to ensure that the air conditioning room air flow evenly; If it is irregular shape, such as rectangular shape, fan, air conditioner should even decorate, have dead Angle can be mounted duct air supply, send FengKouChu can not have obstructions, trunking, line pipe to avoid the installation of air supply outlet. Using computer room air conditioning tightening machine operation in the process of thermal oil, hot air heat exchanger, the heat transfer medium to soft water, then water softening heat medium heat again, to the user used in hot water, two-stage heat exchange, complete the use of waste heat. This method first with waste heat using more tightening machine room air conditioning, and with more hot water demand. South, for example, companies, has the room air conditioning runs tightening the captain moments, and dormitory demand bath hot water; Coal mine, have a lot of room air conditioning tightening machine operation, and worker bath hot water volume is larger. Air conditioning has high reliability, to guarantee the system run continuously throughout the year, 8760 hours per year) , maintainability, flexibility and redundancy, assembly can meet the normal operation of equipment room, is designed for the machine big air volume, small enthalpy difference. This shows that the interface is room should choose good principle known as air conditioning. So the understanding of the material discussed here is the simple.
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