Importance of high power UPS power -

by:KEBO      2020-04-21
High power often is the main users of mains transformer power supply, so their features become associated with the grid voltage quality. Friendly with sinusoidal input current network UPS can reduce the cost of the upper part of the device associated with the traditional UPS. Another important aspect is the sudden incident, under the condition of power failure, mountain, UPS power often be outside the scope of its own power supply, so have a lot of restrictions on short circuit capacity, so that a lot of attention on the UPS input network friendliness, so that under the condition of no big feed generator for acceptable voltage distortion. Another in high power applications need to pay special attention to the important feature is the UPS power soft access. First means from the battery to the normal work change the opening of the change. For low power UPS with separate rectifier and the boost converter, the principle is the only factor that can limit the rectifier. Because open during the power must be taken from the battery or upstream of the grid. There is a need to pay special attention to the situation is the job of the mutation cases. One is changes in work patterns from the battery to work normally, the load at the rated output changes very fast, within the scope of this kind of situation is almost not allowed to happen, it will cause instantaneous dynamic effects and harm the safety of the power supply. New rectifier principle using the conversion rate of the input power limit, make continuous work, either in a sinusoidal waveform or a change in work patterns of transient process, for the feed network are friendly.
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