how you can prepare for the coming warrior forum ...

by:KEBO      2019-12-06
There is a new sheriff/Mayor/street sweeper in town.If you don\'t know, please read this thread: it\'s time to be ready and ready for the exciting opportunities that are coming.I will tell you how to be prepared because you may miss my chance to succeed if you are not ready.You see, things are getting better.Soon you will have free classes to help you decide which IM route is right for you.Of course, you also have the opportunity to give up a coin and some goodies do cost you a little bit here and there.However, with this new direction, new revisions, new management has new opportunities, so here is how you are ready.First, start with you.Where you live?We are an international forum for warriors from all over the world.You may live in a country with some built-in restrictions.Just like there is no PayPal (so you have to use another way ).First: How will I get this money from the transaction?It could be a check to click on the bank or a stripe check or a PayPal transaction, maybe you will bring an Amazon gift card, Bitcoin or GordoBux (new cryptocurrency-HA!).Then, what is your situation other than where you live, what kind of access and/or restrictions do you have?A 19-year-old college student and a 40-year-old who hates his job are in different places.It is very different from the 28-year-old mother who has two children at home.So you analyze where you are, why?Most importantly, what you want to change, or what you want from your instant messaging efforts.Do a TIME survey.Here is what I learned from 30 years of online activities and 22 years of www.Most people overestimate the actual time they spend on their business.It\'s easy to say that I can do 30 40 hours a week because I have nothing else to do and I\'m desperate.I said, no, you can\'t.Especially when you\'re desperate.Now you know where you live, your situation and time.If it takes you hours to write all of this so you can see it, touch it and make it a reminder of your reality, because there are a lot of interesting house mirrors that distort some of the facts in me.BE real.Get results.A-Where do you live?Restrictions?Why live there?Would you like to stay somewhere else?B-How is your life?Circumstances?The current financial situation?Age?Relationships?Obligations?C-What skills did you bring?Are you white paper here?You don\'t know anything?Then start right away, dive on the warrior forums and be overwhelmed with information about the 101 ideas you\'ll find.Maybe write anything you\'re interested in, or bookmark some of your favorite posts (like this one ).Or do you have some skills?Writing?Speaking?Translating?Do you know SEO, MRR or any of the 100 such abbreviations?Do you have computer skills?Graphic?You need to know what you don\'t know, because you will have a good starting point when the new curriculum comes.Where are you going?Location, environment, what did you bring?Then, study and/or work habits.Look, if you\'re desperate, you need to solve this situation first, because there\'s no quick way to start from scratch and get a living income quickly without money and time.Either you need it or the fastest way is to use the money.Of course, if you are ready, this forum may be a source of less income or full time life for you in the future.You already found it here.If you are ready, then you will get as many opportunities as possible in the near future of warrior 4.Start now, where you are, what you have.Open your eyes and see things clearly.Know where you are and why you are there now.Think about where you want to go.And where you will go.Think about income, think about how much you want after a year, and if you stay in reality, where possible ---You can make more money than you think, unless you live where unicorns pull gold.Believe me don\'t.But if you don\'t know what\'s going on, right here, right now...You are not prepared for a new wave of (tsunami) opportunities brought to our new mayor/Sheriff...Then you are ready to continue to be frustrated, defeated and famine in your international marketing future.Now you know.Prepare yourself.Stay tuned.Let\'s all have some fun and prosperity.OK?
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