How will not be damaged battery charging current? - - - - - -

by:KEBO      2020-04-29
10 hours charge rate, 100 a battery charged with 10 a current 10 hours. If the condition allows, is not subject to time constraints, the charging time is slightly greater than the battery/charging current capacity, can will fall below 10 a charging current, energy storage inverter is generally use one of the three sections of charging method, also is the initial charging with larger current ( 10 hours charge rate) 。 Following the rise of the voltage, charging current decreases, until the voltage reaches to suspend the voltage, active suspension charge; Three sections of the charging method: the first phase of quick charge, constant current charging stage, rapid charger of the largest output current to the battery charging, if be the solar controller, in operation of maximum power point of MPPT, charging time depends on the UPS battery capacity and start charging the battery. The second phase are filling, constant voltage charging stage, charger charging voltage stability, filling the electricity continue to add, slowly rising UPS battery voltage, charging current decline; Filled with floating form the third phase, the ultimate, the charging current dropped to below the floating charge current, reduced to float charging voltage charging voltage. Charging current how to calculate? Charging current calculation formula: normal charging current = battery capacity & divide; 10 for instance has a capacity of 1500 mah battery, it is the normal charging current of 1500 & divide; 150mA = 10。 Normal full charge for 12 to 14 hours.
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