How UPS power supply switch operation? - KEBO power supply

by:KEBO      2020-04-01
< p > KEBOUPS power boot and shutdown operation method and the matters needing attention < / p > < p > a, KEBOUPS boot: KEBOUPS power, please make sure the mains supply is normal, before starting KEBO storage battery switch in the closed state. Press on the front panel switch machine ( 3 - 5 seconds) After release, while KEBOUPS will have to respond, the fan to run behind the ups power supply, internal self-check boot. < / p > < p > KEBOups power shutdown: please make sure KEBOups power load equipment has been broken, lest KEBOups shutdown to impact power load equipment. The same press on the front panel switch machine ( 3 - 5 seconds) , then the power KEBOUPS shutdown the bypass operation. In turn close KEBO battery switch and mains input switch, KEBOUPS power in a fully closed position at this time. < / p > < p > KEBOUPS power belongs to the CPU control models, a CPU control of UPS in the mains state basically can't turn it off! < / p > < p >【 Have a CPU machine is no lock switch, boot need to press the switch after a few seconds to boot. No CPU machine has a lock switch, press the switch of the machine will start up at the same time. 】 < / p > < p >【 In addition to the backup machine, all KEBOUPS power, such as machine online, on-line interactive UPS are CPU control 】 < / p > < p > have a backup machine in CPU mains power off button again, the machine will generally better, but not to turn it off. < / p > < p > online machine ( Have the CPU) In the mains state by pressing the power button, the machine will be self-checking, namely the conversion between the mains and inverter, not the shedding won't shut down, only pull the mains can press the power button to turn it off. < / p > < p > no CPU machine, no matter under what circumstances will press the power button to shut down, this kind of machine is rubbish in UPS power supply products. < / p > < p > individual built-in CPU UPS power supply with automatic startup/bypass function, the automatic startup is refers to the machine off one entry point will automatically start up, the bypass function refers to the machine in shutdown or fault condition, insert the mains, output of the machine have the output socket, output voltage = input voltage. < / p > < p > KEBOUPS better power price and load factor function, such as 2000 va, full load is 1600 w, when the load of 1400 w, buzzer will hurry, prompt you burden. < / p > < p > < / p >
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