How to Use RV Generators

by:KEBO      2019-12-06
Before you have no power, it is easy to take power for granted.RV generators run the stove, air conditioning, lights and 120 by charging the auxiliary battery-Volt appliance.If you like \"boondock\" in the original camp that is not connected, a good generator is essential.No matter where you are, you can feel the comfort of home.This is what you need to know and get the most out of your unit.Instrutionsdifficulty: easy to learn control.120-Voltage RV generator-Most of them are from South Russia--There are two positions, an instant start/stop switch, an hour table and a summer/winter lever.There is an additional start/stop switch with an indicator light inside the RV.The hourly table shows the total running time of the device.It indicates when routine maintenance and inspection is required.Use a summer/winter lever to prevent ice accumulation in the Vink of the carburetor.When the temperature drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, it should be in winter;When the temperature rises higher than in summer.Start it and turn it off.Press the start switch to start the generator until the light is on.Let go of the switch and wait about a minute until the time delay connects the generator to the power panel.Your strength is ready.Press the stop switch to stop the generator until the light goes out.Do not exceed its capacity.A 4.The power generation of the 5 kw generator is 4,500 watts, and most electrical equipment has wattage labels.If this label only provides the number of amps, the wattage is obtained by multiplying the number of amps by the unit voltage (for example, 3 amps x 110 volts = 330 watts ).If the label is horsepower, multiply it by 750 watts.Check the watts consumed by each device, as well as the heating, air conditioning and battery charging systems.If two numbers are given, use a higher number.Label each unit with power so you can calculate the total demand of the generator.When you turn on the appliance, increase the number of watts to make sure it doesn\'t exceed your generator capacity.Protect yourself and your RV.If your car home doesn\'t have a CO detector, buy one.Check if there is a leak in the exhaust system of the generator and don\'t let the wind blow the exhaust through the window.In order to avoid possible damage to the motor of the air conditioner, do not stop the generator when the air conditioner is turned on.Do not connect to the external power supply when your generator pushes heavy objects.You may burn out the conversion switch and turn off your electrical system.The right service.Check the hourly table and change the oil and filter at the recommended time.You should serve the generator every 200 working hours.When it is not used frequently, run it with a heavy weight of one hour per month.Tips & warningssources article written by Dan EashDan Eash began professional writing in 1989, published in LaHabra\'s Daily Star progress and fulleton college JournalSince then, he has created scripts for the doctor and dentist\'s office, published manuals, help papers, and training videos.His free career also includes a book.Eash has a music/recording production assistant at the fulleton School of Art and a certificate in multimedia production at the Nova Institute.
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