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by:KEBO      2020-05-12
Smell in the medical profession is expected to cut the said, but in the computer room air conditioning repair has to touch the smell. Why do you say that? In fact this is the room air conditioning troubleshooting a simple formula. Then, specific computer room air conditioning how to troubleshoot? Let's go and have a look. Computer room air conditioning how to troubleshoot a see: is watching the pressure gauge, thermometer, ammeter indicated value, the pressure relay, pressure differential relay, temperature relay setting size, see the oil level, the level of high and low, the low pressure pipe frost, dew, the size of the cooling water, chilled water, see attachment points for oil stains, etc. , as well as the running record shows trends. 2 listen to: computer room air conditioning refrigerating machine operators a true picture of the refrigeration unit, listen to each part of the room air conditioner compressor noise at runtime, listen to the flow of the refrigerant in the expansion valve. Computer room air conditioning compressor running all kinds of voice: open air compressor during normal operation, usually a mild homogeneous & other There is a stir throughout the &; Valves or mild & other; Click & throughout; The sound. When is abnormal. As there was a voice for computer room air conditioning compressor liquid impact & other; 嗵嗵 & throughout; Sound, shaft seal of dry friction for & other; Make & throughout; The sound; Machine in metallic issued & other; Man & throughout; Sound, the machine movement within a loose phenomenon; The voice of belt damage for & other; Brian & throughout; Sound, flywheel KST with loose the impact for & other; Kuang & throughout; The sound. The vibration noise mostly caused by anchor nut loose. Normal flow of refrigerant in expansion valve sound for mild & other; Hissed & throughout; Sound, the ring & other; Hissing & throughout; Sound or intermittent & other; Hissing & throughout; Sound suggests that doesn't work properly. Three touch: touch the degree of hotness or coldness of system piping and components, change and the trend of fever and computer room air conditioning equipment vibration. Computer room air conditioning compressor start after 15 min, touch ends its temperature, generally no more than 30 ℃, if hot temperature is exorbitant, should stop check; Touch filter surface temperature, low temperature, condensation, even it has been blocked; Touch compressor suction, exhaust pipe, under normal circumstances the suction should be condensation frost, exhaust pipe should be hotter, it is not normal. Four smell: such as the smell of the rubber and plastic smell, can certainly wire overheating; Such as stinky smell excitant ammonia, then the system has a leak; There is anxious burnt flavour such as lubricating oil, oil has deteriorated. Five analysis: by using the basic knowledge of professional, according to the sense organs of the people above ( Eyes, ears, nose, hand) Reflect to judge, can won more to find the cause of the problem, and targeted to solve. How to troubleshoot the room air conditioning, you have learned? Of course, there are many friends for computer room air conditioning installation error, think can not install the machine room air conditioning. But & other; Three design, seven points throughout the installation &; And the installation of air conditioning unit is one of the most important role in air conditioning engineering. Air conditioning installation quality directly affect the use effect and operating life in the future. Only after a good installation, air conditioning unit can play a good cooling effect, low failure rate and long service life.
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