how to tell how many volts your doorbell transformer is

by:KEBO      2019-12-03
The doorbell system only needs a very low voltage to operate.The button on the doorbell completes the circuit from the transformer, the button to the actual ringtone, and the transformer itself is from the standard 110-The voltage circuit in your home is like a lamp or a power outlet circuit.Different systems require different voltages, usually 12 or 16 volts.If you need to know what is the voltage to replace the wire or the entire doorbell assembly, you can check the documentation or use the voltmeter.
Check the package or instructions that come with the doorbell system.These will specify whether the system will use 12 V or 16 v.
If you don\'t have the package, look at the lower side of the transformer itself.The Transformers are marked with the input they can handle and the voltage they output.If the tag disappears or is inaccessible, go to the next step.
Touch the black line of your voltmeter to the black line coming out of the transformer and touch the white line or red line coming out of the transformer to the white line.It will show a number close to 12 or 16.If it shows a much higher number, like around 110, then you are in contact with the input wire, not the output wire, so try to stick out from the other side of the transformer.
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