How to set up - the room temperature and humidity air conditioning

by:KEBO      2020-05-13
With the rapid development of cloud computing, big data, data connection all become the future trend of the data center as the physical carrier of information transmission, in all walks of life plays a more and more important role as the core. Data center is decorated with a large number of servers, switches and other IT equipment, in order to guarantee the stable operation of the IT equipment, need a set of environmental control system, this is our data center cooling systems. There are many reasons that cause low efficiency of refrigeration system, machine room air temperature and humidity problem is one of them. In the daily operations of the work we should do the following three points, in order to solve these problems, improve the working efficiency of the refrigerating system: 1, if there is no frame of airflow of the short circuit loop, air conditioner output gas temperature will need IT equipment into the wind with 18 ~ 21 ℃. However, in the actual air conditioner outlet air temperature of the inlet temperature than IT usually is low. If to solve this problem, also can improve the CRAC wind temperature set point. 2, air conditioning temperature set point is determined by the air distribution system, and the humidity is can adjust to any optimal value. If the humidity value higher requirements, may result in air conditioning opportunity arises moisture condensation, reduce the humidity of the air. Humidifying need water, in a typical data center, it will waste thousands of gallons of water each year. 3, to use more than one data center air conditioner, other problems may also occur. The most common problem is two humidity air conditioning equipment may cancel each other out. When the following conditions exist, then this could happen: two do not match the reflow temperature of the gas air conditioner, or two do not match the humidity sensor calibration device, or two sets of air conditioning equipment is set to different humidity value. A chance to reduce air humidity and the other one will increase the air humidity. This operation mode is waste, and data center operators are not easy to find. In addition, the humidifier is also one of the main heat source, must be cooled, thus can reduce air conditioning cooling performance of the equipment. When the short circuit loop frame of air, will be worse, because of the low temperature air conditioner will be more condensed gas. If there is a high speed data center set up printer or wide printer. The chance to generate a large number of electrostatic printing. To eliminate the static electricity, environment humidity must be kept at around 50%.
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