How to prolong the service life of UPS power supply -

by:KEBO      2020-04-18
1) Try not to answer the inductive load. Because the starting current of inductive load tend to be more than 3 - rated current 4 times, this will cause the instantaneous overload of UPS. Affect the service life of UPS. Inductive load including summer commonly used electric fans, refrigerators, etc. 2) Unfavorable excessive load or light load. Do not use it, according to the rated power of UPS to don't think the empty interface to connect other appliances should not be idle. Full load condition for a long time will directly affect the mission of UPS. 3) Protect the storage battery, UPS is a very important part of the battery. Don't type in at present, most of UPS is no maintenance sealed lead-acid battery. , although on the surface, it does not need to maintain our thoughtlessness, also can go wrong, and the battery is still very expensive, asked to 0 30 working environment. 4) Regular maintenance. Usually, half year should give UPS measuring the voltage of the battery. If the voltage should be used more than 1 v equilibrium constant voltage current limiting ( 0. 5A) Charging. If doesn't work, can only change a new battery. If local don't blackout for a long time, must be regularly ( Normally three months) Artificial interruption of power supply, UPS on load discharge. 5) Pay attention to the lightning protection. It is important to note that to ensure the effective shielding and grounding protection of the UPS.
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